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Added: 12/01/2013 - 09:29PM
Updated: 30/01/2014 - 05:05PM

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Last updated at 17:05, 30 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 21:29, 12 Jan 2013

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This mod aims to assist, without breaking immersion, in allowing the player to purchase a series of three volumes that will layout all the potions that you may create in the world of Skyrim. It further lists all the ingredients on each page in a way that a crusty old Bosmer may have written them.

This is the 2nd version of TBBOA and a complete overhaul.

LAST UPDATE: 30-01-2014
(Minor changes to file structure to assist in manual download, no changes made to main file or mod)
(Mod has now been cleaned with TES5Edit)

As said there are now three volumes: Miscellaneous, Regenerative, and Damaging. These have been added to the tier four book leveled lists and will be very rare to find as they are very helpful. But, as always you may purchase each volume for a very hefty fee from Urag in the Collage as he collects everything that has ever been written.

This mod adds new models and my custom textures to the books, including world models, these will be updated in the future.

This book set has been laid out from the perspective of an old Bosmer who has seen the world a bit. He adds some helpful hints as to where ingredients may be found and also some of the best ways to acquire these ingredients. Further to this he also adds some silly quips to keep the reader entertained.

This mod should be compatible with everything, but as it does edit some very slight leveled lists, I would suggest Wyre Bash'ing just to make sure you get the full experience.

Please use the NMM button. Or if you prefer a manual installation then, after unzipping the file you will see that the files are all structured to their correct places inside of the Skyrim/Data folder.

Please enjoy and endorse, all the best.

-=2RTR=- Somnus

An alternate version can be found here:

The First Edition of The Big Book of Alchemy