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Corners of Skyrim

Ever felt that a few areas of Skyrim are a little empty? Ever feel that a little something was supposed to be there in a particularly bland area? Ever want a little something to spice up those empty areas?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this mod is for you.

Corners of Skyrim adds seven new and unique locations to Skyrim, trying to fill some of the more emptier spaces in the world. The locations vary from cosy little hamlets to seek refuge in the frozen lands of Skyrim to danger ridden bandit camps to high standing ruin. This mod gives you another reason to explore the beautiful landmass of Skyrim.

Corners of Skyrim is especially recommended to those immersion-seeking players who use the likes of Frostfall, and other such immersion mods.

This mod adds several different types of locations to the already beautiful landmass of Skyrim, the different locations include Hamlets, Houes, Towers, Ruins, Inns, Bandit Camps to start with.


I'll be listing several of the locations of a few locations, I'll leave some of them for you to discover yourself, after all this is one of the main points of the mod.

Plainwatch is a wooden cabin located to the north of Riverwood and on the west side of the river, it contains a bedroll, and some basic storage and on the roof gives you a great view of both Whiterun and Riverwood. This is my favorite location in this mod due to the amazing view on the roof.

Grayfall is another great location, It can be found to the right of the abandoned prison and is a small shelter with a wooden structure that stands over the water. It features a small indoor area with basic storage, and a place to cook outside where you also get a great view of the surrounding area.

RaiseGrave Hillock
Thaw Forge
Ale N' Tale Inn Ruins


Ghostrise Hearth is found to the left of Falkreath, that is all I will reveal, if you feel inclined to go visit and discover this area by yourself.


This description is undergoing maintenance please check back in an hour or so for the completed version. Thank you.

13 February 2013 Updated(Version 1.2)
Dirty edits remove and NPC faces Fix.

If you have "ranger cabin","fleetford"or"briars end", Please try Corners of Skyrim Minus1 version.

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RaiseGrave Hillock...
Ale 'N Tale Inn Ruins...
Ghostrise hearth...
Thaw Forge...

I hope that you like it and would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you modders who have downloaded my mod and upvoted it into the Hot files sections. I cannot wait to create more mods.

And special thanks for CaseMate, Brodual, hodilton, Saiodin, SheeitTyrone, fox4th4 and DragonBornP.