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Last updated at 16:29, 14 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 7:08, 12 Jan 2013

MCM Designer allow everyone to create shiny & operational MCM menu within few minutes, without having to deal with Papyrus ! MCM menus are based on SkyUI v3 which allow developpers to add customs menus for their mods.

At the moment, MCM Designer still in beta, so generated code is not perfect, but it's still useful to create the big part of a script. Just give him a try, MCM Designer run does NOTHING with Skyrim files, so you couldn't have no corruption issues or whatsoever.

MCM Designer is featured in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Polish. Other language can be easily added by updating "Languages.xml" file. Some sentences in this application can't be displayed in non-latin alphabet, so theses sentences will stay in english. By intance, Japanese, Russian or Arabic languages are concerned.

SkyUI can be found here :
Modders will have to go on their official documentation to get the SkyUI SDK :

To "install" MCM Designer, just unzip it anywhere :) To "uninstall" it, just delete all files. If you have issues with MCM Designer, please provide me the "MCM Designer.log" file if not empty.

Requirements :
.Net Framework 4.0 (choose one):
  • Web Installation :
  • Standalone Installation :

All bugs/warnings/suggestions may be reported in this adress :

MCM Designer is not affiliated to SkyUI team. SkyUI still the plain work of SkyUI Team.