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this mod adds a new set of heavy and light armor detailed and very well textured to the leather category craftable upgradable and enchantable at any related workstation.

Permissions and credits

this mod adds a new set of armour complete of light and heavy version craftable under the leather category at any forge, the set is composed by:
  • Wanderer Cuirass (light)
  • Wanderer Cuirass (heavy version)
  • Wanderer Hood (heavy and light)
  • Wanderer Boots (heavy and light)
  • Wanderer Gloves (heavy and light)

Some models of the armor are made from scratch and all the textures are high definition made by Cabal120
all the pieces are upgradable and enchantable at any enchantment table / workbench
they are compatible with all the item mods like WiC or Bandolier

credits go to:
- Cabal120: high definition textures, and uv map reorganization
-frank: rigging mash up and modeling
-CDPROJEKT for the witcher 2 assets, meshes and textures used in this mod and thanks to all the modders that ported them for skyrim: th3wick3d, Witcher5688
-Bethesda softworks for every single skyrim mesh, texture and assets used in this mod and for giving us such a great roleplaying experience.

special thanks go to:
-Omesean for his mesh modification of the waterskin that now I use a lot in my mods :D thanks mate!
-all the image contributors and beta testers that helped us testing and promoting the armor : Kaldaar Schmoops9 ,DaMiriam, Patobek (the one who made the great render you see in the description and in the image section),ScreamingreenMachine, 83willow :D guys i love you all

a.n.u: what does a.n.u means?
me: annoying nexus user :D

a.n.u: can you remove this and that?
me: i really wish i had the time to make ad personam version for every single user, but i have not and i concepted this as you are looking at it, if you want to remove something use nifskope: it's easier than paint.

a.n.u. will there be female version of this?
Me: as soon as I have some time I will start to work on the female version, for now both me and cabal don’t give any eta on a possible female version release.


if you want to use the armor contact the authors and we will give you permission
translation mods and conversion mods for skyrim remastered edition don't require my permission, just don't upload any of the files on another sites as this is a nexus exclusive and remember to credit all the ones 8modders and companies9 involved in the making of meshes and textures