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[left]What the heck is this mod?
[/left]Adds an elf archer with custom illusion magic. Playtested and tweeked to maximize her style effectiveness, she is a specialist suited for legendary and post legendary play. NO MODS REQUIRED She also has a wolf that she summons sometimes in battle.

NOTE: Her wolves do not explode.

Background: Calerial, like her sisters Ciwen and Swete, sit at the right side of Ebonarm. All three sent to Skyrim on a mission yet to unfold. All three, master assassins. Ebonarm calls this one his master of deception. Raised by wolves. In touch with the darkness. Occasionally enveloped by it in battle. She wears many disguises. You might ask, Is she wearing one now? It's likely. So what of this mission? We'll simply have to wait and see. In the mean time, she's a deadly free agent. Take advantage of this while you can.

Here is what you get and notes on the tweeks:

Location: Riverwood - usually hanging about Alvor's forge area

Overview: Archer and illusionist that is set to actually love her bow. She has a Wolf she can call into battle to aid her. She also has offensive illusion magic designed specifically for her. She also can use dual wield. I'd sum up her combat strategy as defensive/fall back/flank/stalk. She behaves like a Ranger.

Customized Race: She is a hybrid mutt made up of Epic Elves and YgNord - only tweek is +100 to burden, and Health/Stamina/Magicka start at 100, same as the PC

Customized Class: as she levels up she favors health slightly over magicka and stamina. She will increase the following skills - One-Handed, Archery, Block, Light Armor, Sneak, Alteration, Illusion, and Restoration.

Customized combat style: This paragraph is the summary of direct experience during 50 or so hours of AI customization play testing. I'd describe her combat style as defensive/fall back/flank/stalk. As for weapons, she favors bows, staffs, one handed and shields. I highly suggest giving them all to her. Her AI is tweeked to entirely prioritize weapon selection from longest range to shortest range - in that order. The bow is her primary weapon and she will often times fall back to get in range. She behaves like a ranger and this behavior gives her the highest survival rate of any follower I've dealt with in mods like Requiem. In tight quarters she can hold her own in melee. She is trained in shield attacks and dual wield and is tweeked to look for oppurtunistic moments and capitalize on them using power attacks. You can trick her into using the shield versus dual wield by either placing or removing a shield from her inventory.

Customized build:
- Levels with the player to infinity
- Never nude (Nude patches here!)
- Wolf fanged version available
- Essential
- Marriage possible
- Confidence: Average
- Morality: Any crime
- Easy to use Patch-and-Play system allow you to make her look any way you like
- Where you dismiss her is where you will find her next, she has no home unless you give her one
- Health/Stamina/Magicka Offsets: none
- Starting gear: Her inventory will contain everything she needs to initially get started. It includes no overpowered special weapons or equipment. Most of it is randomly selected from the leveled lists for the level you initially find her. I'd describe the net result as 'just right'.


Customized Illusion spells from the Frenzy and Fear categories through Master.
Call Fire, Lightning, or Frost Wolf These custom built wolves adjust to the level of the party, have strengths and weaknesses, DoT attacks, will not trigger traps, and are a viable addition through your end game - they will level to infinity.
Spectral Arrow What the heck is Spectral Arrow? A spell in the game code removed from in-game during development. Spectral Arrow is a conjuration spell that deals 30 damage to Health and causes targets to stagger when hit. It is especially effective against a single target - yup, this can knock a dragon right out of the sky...after all, she's a ranger (chuckle)

Defensive spells from Alteration, Mage Light, Self Healing spells

Complete perk set for Archery, Light Armor, One-Handed, Illusion and Sneak (no trap triggering), her wolf also will not trigger traps
Partial perk set to support her spells and role for Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration and Block
NOTE: All her perks actually work. Each perk's dependencies were diligently checked and included. Each perk, where possible, was directly play tested, so I know they work. Take advantage of perks like Custom Fit and Matching Set.

None, this is stand alone

Highly recommended, but not required:
SIZE DOES MATTER - NPCs do not rescale shrink resize by Mahlzeit88
please make note of the DLC requirements for using that mod

Drop the file contents into the Skyrim/Data directory or use your favorite mod manager

NOTE: I use no ENB on my screenshots plus i'm no photographer, obviously. What you see is what you get. I'd really like to see what your ENB can do to her. Post your pics!!

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