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The bow is named "The Slayer" and the Arrows are "V.S. Razor", in order for you to obtain this weapon and ammo you need to craft it. This bow resides in the Elven Perk tree of blacksmithing and the arrows reside in Blacksmith Misc at the forge. I have also boosted all the vendors gold on hand to 5k. "The Slayer" can be improved at the grinding stone.

Enjoy and please all feedback is welcome!


"The Slayer"
Dmg: 25 Weight:9
Crit Dmg: 18 DPS: 2

The bow is Enchanted with:
-Chance to paralyze target for 1min.
-Absorbs 10 pts of health
-Burns target for 35 pts, target takes extra damage for the duration of on fire
-Frostbite poison for 30 seconds at 20pts/s
-Stamina Damage for 25 pts for 5 secs.

"Slayer NE"
Dmg: 22 Weight: 12
Crit Dmg: 15 DPS: 1

- Open for enchantments

The Slayer is enchanted(see the specifications)
Perks needed to make "The Slayer" and "V.S. Razor" are:
Elven Smithing
Arcane Blacksmithing

I have also made a bow that is not enchanted, it is "Slayer NE"
Perks needed to make "Slayer NE" and "Slayer Arrow" is;
Elven Smithing

***More Updates to follow***

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