20th Imperial Legion by Myth0is
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-------Basic info--------
This mod contains 5 Followers that are imperials
all can be found in solitude
all are level 15
UFO Compatible
Lucius: Armor- Custom Imperial armor Weapon- Imperial sword
Sgt. Pilate: Armor- Steel imperial Armour Weapon- Steel Greatsword
Cpl. Albion: Armor- Stubbed imperial Armour & Thief hood Weapon: Imperial bow/ steel dagger
Pvt. Marcius: Armour- Imperial light armor & imperial shield Weapon: Imperial sword
Pvt. Varoga: Armor- Imperial light armor Weapon: Imperial sword
Lucius- Castle dour
Sgt. Pilate- The Winking Skeever
Cpl. Albion- The Winking Skeever
Pvt. Marcius- Outside Castle dour
Pvt. Varoga- Castle Dour Dungeon