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Sbeast and Charlie's music is awesome, but the openings of both songs are very jarring and "immediate" for lack of a better word. At the end of a dragon battle combat music fades out, helping to keep immersion, so why shouldn't the beginnings fade in? I added slight fade-ins to these two songs, which in my opinion helps make them more suitable for title screen music and dragon fight music.

In Erock's case, his music is announced with cymbals, so it has a lead-in of it's own and didn't need a fade-in tweak, but I found around ten seconds of blank, unnecessary filler at the end of full audio files of his song (and this was right off his website) and cut it off, so you won't have a long pause before any other music you want to play after it starts up. Also, this is the long, full version which isn't sliced off three fourths of the way through like a lot of copies of it I have found, which is much better for title-screen use although you will admittedly probably never have a dragon fight that long. But just in case...

The files contain one artist's work each, a .wav and an .xwm.

The fade-ins are very slight, just enough to keep you from getting the full-force blast of guitar for maybe a second to one and a half. You can still hear everything clearly though. These also work great with the mod for no chanting on dragon soul absorption. Enjoy!

All I did were the fade-ins, I did not write this great music, nor did I make the converter I used. All credit for everything but the tweaks themselves goes to these great artists.

Links to the original, un-edited versions of the music on YouTube:

Erock's music in action

Charlie's used in a dragon fight