Elewin Erotic Combat Voice Replacer - Female Only by Elewin
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Disclaimer: this is just something I did when I was bored, and happened to have a mic at hand. It's meant to be something fun(ny), so please stop taking it so seriously. I didn't.


0. DO NOT REUPLOAD! ?? ????????????! ??????! nicht reupload! ????????????????! ?????!

(I hope I got all my bases covered.)

1. This mod is Nexus exclusive, you may NOT reupload this mod to any other site. There will be no future mods from me if this is not kept. (Trust me, I know almost all the skyrim mod sites - 3DM, VGU, LL, ZFN, etc..)

2. You may freely modify (retexture/reskin/convert/etc) my mods for personal use. However, you MUST obtain my explicit permission before uploading your modifications on the Nexus. I have a certain level of minimum quality standard for all my mods, and I need to ensure that all derivative mods meet or exceed that standard as to not harm the overall image of my mods.


There are still no plans to release any of my mesh-related mods. This is just a side project I did for fun, and I thought that others might like it too. READ THE TERMS ABOVE. Don't make me regret uploading this. Thanks.

This mod replaces the female combat voices with a more *interesting* version.

Replaces both the weapon swing voices and damage taking voices (female grunts).

See video(same video also available in the video section of this mod):

Note: For those wondering, all the 13 voice variations are captured by myself, so there are no copyright issues that I'm aware of. Also, don't ask for the male version unless you have someone willing to voice it :}

Finally, I HIGHLY recommend the PC Exclusive Voice Path by Raestloz:


Download, activate the mod, enjoy.

Download, unpack, place "Elewin Combat Voices.esp" and "Elewin Combat Voices.bsa" inside your "Skyrim\Data" folder, check "Elewin Combat Voices.esp" in launcher, enjoy.


Simply remove:

Elewin Combat Voices.esp
Elewin Combat Voices.bsa

From your "Skyrim\Data" folder.



Something leathery and soft but hurts like hell (yep...)