Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS Replacer by Schwinni
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Added: 10/01/2013 - 12:38PM
Updated: 15/03/2013 - 12:08AM

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Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS Replacer


I made this mod because the golden glow on the Dawnguard Rune weapons is just too heavy IMO - especially when walking in a dark dungeon.

It changes the Dawnguard Rune Axe and the Dawnguard Rune Hammer to not use the effect shader for healing spells, but a standard enchantment effect shader for weapons.
The color of the new FXS is the one the heal spell also uses.

This way both weapons are affected by enchantment effect replacers like Glyphic Enchantment Effect or Enchantment Effect Replacer.
Since Enchantment Effect Replacer also offers an empty texture, you can disable the enchantment effect completely.

I added images how the axe and the hammer look with the vanilla effect shader, the enchantment effect shader and when using the various effect textures from the above mentioned mods.
Of course the images cannot really reflect how the glyphs appear and disappear. I suggest that you just try it out. It's worth it. The 2 mods just change one texture ( and it is replaced really fast. This way you will find your favorite configuration in a few minutes. :)

If you like this mod, I'd be happy about an endorsement! :D


The easiest way is to use Nexus Mod Manager to install it.
If you are not using NMM, copy the files into your Skyrim folder and enable DawnguardRuneWeaponsFXSReplacer.esp afterwards


If you installed the mod with NMM, just use NMM also for uninstalling it.
Otherwise delete the following files from your Skyrim's Data folder:
- DawnguardRuneWeaponsFXSReplacer.esp
- textures/effects/gradients/


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod editing "DLC1RuneHammerVisualEffect" or "DLC1DawnguardRuneAxeIncrementKills".


Credits go to AwkwardPsyche and Myopic for making these awesome enchantment effects!