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Added: 09/01/2013 - 12:15AM
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Last updated at 11:17, 16 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 0:15, 9 Jan 2013

K uploaded a version that is vendor only no perks or game setting changes. For those using skyre and other mods like it.

Updated Feb 21, 2013 Fixes and reworks to perks for balancing.

What this mod does is add a vendor to the college of Winterhold near the enchanting table. This vendor sells all the enchants in the game at a cost and adds new enchantments to the game. Also aim's to rebalance the enchantment system to make more useable at low levels and less powerful at higher levels. Now you have something to do with all that money you have been collecting.

Update Info in action log.

--Allow you enchanting freedom.

--Rebalanced the enchantiing perk tree to allow for a new enchanting experience.
Changed the bonus's of the first Five perks to 50,55,60,65,70 percent from 20,40,60,80,100 percent. Added a perk early on to add second effect and last more now adds 3 effects. Rebalanced soul gems to enchant more at lower grade gems but left grand soul gem the same. All I have changed so far but I need feed back for balancing ideas, areas I can improve on and so on.

--Adds many new enchantments to the game all are purchased from the vendor in Winterhold around 82 enchantments have been unlocked so far Making 141 enchantment in the game. Draco's rings cannot be disenchanted they are meant to be worn as a set of rings (10 rings 1 amulet).

-----What this mod does not do allow you to disenchant artifacts it makes new ones that are broken that the vendor sells so you. So you enchant without losing your artifact.

----- Now this is my Beta release let me know if I missed an enchant or if something doesn't enchant right. Plus, let me know if you think the enchants are to pricey or cheap or to strong. If you got a long list send me a message as to not flood the comments. I will consider all comments and messages and make decisions based on player feedback

---Special Thank to For leaving permissions open ended.---
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