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Adds the fiery dragon sword and icy dragon sword from the Guild Wars series to the game.

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  • Turkish
Adds two swords inspired by the fiery and icy dragon swords from the Guild Wars games:

Primordus Yol Nahii (Primordus's Fiery Fury)
Jormag Iiz Sumii (Jormag's Icy Breath)

They require the Dragon Armor perk to forge and temper, and can be be found under the Steel crafting category. Their stats are identical to dragonbone one handed swords with the exception that they are both enchanted with 20 points of elemental damage.



1.01 - fixed a bug where the swords were appearing in the daedric category. I wanted both heavy and light characters to be able to use them, so they are now found in the steel category and are classified as steel weapons for the purposes of improving to legendary quality. They still require the Dragon Armor perk to forge and improve. Also made the flames on the fire sword smaller.


Thanks to Yuril for his ice textures and normal maps from Real Ice.