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Sorry for my poor English.

Read if you have the time.
This was intended especially for SkyUI 3.0. Complete with all 8 hotkeys while leaving the "wait", "sneak", "shout", "sprint" & "X,Y,A,B" buttons intact. They should remain unchanged for it to work properly. But now SkyUI 3.1 no longer need this so it will be just another custom controlmap for your reference.


1) Favourite menu : [Back] - More comfortable while in combat

2) Wait : [LB+LS Pressed]

3) Zoom In : [LB+RB Tapping] - While in 3rd person view

4) Zoom Out : [LB+Y Tapping] - While in 3rd person view


All buttons are the same as default except:

1) Toggle POV : [LB+RS Pressed]
Reason: RS Pressed has been map to auto move. If you map auto move to be LB+RS Pressed, it will make you character unnecessarily sprinting every time you try to stop. This might need some time getting used to.

2) Auto Move : [RS Pressed]

3) More Hotkeys
Hotkey 1 - Dpad Up
Hotkey 2 - Dpad Right
Hotkey 3 - Dpad Down
Hotkey 4 - Dpad Left
Hotkey 5 - LB+Dpad Up
Hotkey 6 - LB+Dpad Right
Hotkey 7 - LB+Dpad Down
Hotkey 8 - LB+Dpad Left

4) Quicksave : [LB+Start]

5) Quickload : [LB+Back]

6) Favorite Menu : [LB+LS Pressed] (Edit: [Back] in Version 1.1)

7) Quick Inventory : [LB+B]

8) Quick Map : [LB+A]

9) Quick Magic : [LB+X]

Quick Skills are not recommended to avoid accidentally leveling up your character (me personally do not want to level up before training with NPC)

So [LB+Y] are not mapped to anything. Maybe "screenshot" if requested later on.
Edit: In version 1.1 [LB+Y Tapping] are now zoom out, [LB+RB Tapping] are now zoom in
(3rd person view)

While in SkyUI menu, just follow the "button art" at the bottom. They are all compatible.


1) Use NMM
2) Manual installation - Paste the controlmap.txt into Skyrim Data folder - Data/Interface/Controls/Pc/
3) Start Skyrim, load your savegame, & go to System>Controls> Press Y & set them all to default. This is important especially if previously you are running other custom controlmap. Or, delete "ControlMap_Custom.txt" in skyrim root folder.
4) Enjoy (hopefully)


gnehs82 : For his amazing "Xbox Controller Key Remapper" Check it out!

Waldkoenig : For his custom mapping that leads me to my own.