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    SSE Update
    Most features have already been ported successfully, the features still missing are Overlays, Bodygen, Sculpting, and Import/Export. However presets will still load with sculpt data and should technically function.

    The alpha has not been officially released because I have not gated any of the features that do not work and I don't want to be dealing with complaints regarding those features.

    However if you are still determined to try the alpha:
    This alpha does not include the base mod, this only includes the SKSE64 plugin which drives most of the features.
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    How to fix all script related problems
    Uninstall NiOverride Standalone
    Uninstall CharGen Extension (You should not have the standalone version of this anymore)
    Uninstall RaceMenu

    Delete the following from Data/Scripts and Mod Organizer/overwrite/Scripts (If you have Mod Organizer)
    Now, install ONLY RaceMenu the latest version, if you have previously installed Loose Base Scripts, reinstall the lastest of that as well. This should be everything, if you've done this, please - DO NOT extract the BSA, you are creating future problems for yourself if you forget to do so again.
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    Updating to 3.4.0 from 3.0.0-3.3.0

    Install the new version
    Make sure you do not have any previous version of NiOverride.dll or CharGen.dll hanging around, this is critical as these plugins communicate with eachother
    Overwrite your Loose Base Scripts (If you've previously installed this)

    Version 3.3.0
    See page description for more details on
    BodyGen Randomize
    Equippable Transforms

    Version 3.2.2
    fPanSpeed - Changes the panning speed, negative reverses pan direction
    bAllowAllMorphs - Enables all morph flags for all races (Removes the glitched gaps in things like Eye Shape when loading a preset)
    uBodyMorphMemoryLimit - Controls the amount of memory to be used when caching BodyMorph files (default 256MB)
    bEnableFaceOverlays - This setting turns on or off the Face Paint hooks (This will fix player decapitation crashes which have not been fixed yet)
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    I'll be updating RM for SkyrimSE eventually but looking at some of the changes internally it isn't looking good for some of the current features.

    Some things that I know for sure will need to be rewritten partially or entirely are:

    Overlays simply because they've changed how meshes are loaded, they no longer have NiGeometryData, which is the entirety of how Overlays worked, I cloned the NiTriShape and referenced the existing NiGeometryData, it is now BSTriShape and the NiGeometryData is just discarded completely I don't know if it's even going to be possible to simply reference the existing instance of the geometry. I may need to go another route and use the tint mask system which will remove the glow feature.

    Sculpting will need to be rewritten in some areas as the layout for dynamic meshes has changed. The dynamic display of the mesh in the Sculpt tab will need to be mostly rewritten as it was previously using a custom mini engine I wrote to pull data from the game and render a wireframe of the face and all parts, this was all under the assumption of DirectX 9 with no intermediate wrappers, SkyrimSE is now on DX11.

    BodyGen is probably going to be broken for awhile, since they don't use the same mesh system it'll be hard to tell if I can cheat like I did with Fallout 4 and just tell the game to convert the mesh to a dynamic mesh and invoke an update after altering the data. The fact that face geometry is now loaded directly as a BSDynamicTriShape implies they don't have the handy conversion function, so this may be a nightmare to decouple the shared geometry, clone it, alter it, re-attach it, then tell the engine to re-render it (The re-rendering is going to be the hardest part).
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    When I tried to run the game with this in MO, it crashed. Any ideas?
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    Thank you for the tool. It is good.
    Can you make it better?
    It is still so limited.
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      LIMITED? GOOD? what an understatement
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    There used to be a way to get tattoos on the PC through Race Menu without having to use an ESP file. I used to use Merta tattoos and I remember all I did was drop the meshes and textures in a folder but I cant't remember which one. Is this no longer an option since the Overlay tab is gone? Does anyone know how to get tats without ESP file????
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    Hey Expired, im having difficulty pinning down how to add faceparts to a custom race. Tried looking at another mod for direction and it didn't really help at all with how i was supposed to add that in.
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    Why do I spended like 30 min creating my character but then I exit the menu and my char turns into complete garbage? Im only using apachi hair, eyes of beauty and brows, bethesda performance textures is the only texture mod Im using, any solution?
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    Wonderful mod!

    I'm wondering about the "Magic" tab in v.3.4.5, though- I've tried looking around the web for a tutorial or explanation of what all of the sliders do, but I can't find anything. Is there a quick description of what all is being toggled by these, anywhere?
    1. R0NlN
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      I believe it's for use with other mods that have magic shooting out of different parts of the body, besides the hands.
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    What race menu do i use for Skryim VR game build
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    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to setup body paints, or face paints, or any of the overlay settings. I've downloaded some tattoo mod packs, followed their instructions, but no matter what I do, all the "paints" tabs remain empty, and there's nothing I can select there. Anyone else have this problem, or know what could cause this?
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    I've got two mods up here, the revamped Lykaios race and a new bird race mod. I'm having the same problem with both:
    I have presets set up but the skin tint doesn't get reapplied when I switch from one preset to the next. Whatever skin tint was on the first gets stuck and not re-applied. I've looked at the skin tint indexes and compared them to the race, and they seem correct. Any idea what could be screwing this up?
    Also, for the bird race, I've added a "wings" slider to change the kind of wings the bird gets. The slider works but I'd like to show the name of the wings selected, and I haven't figured out how to do that. When you select hair, RaceMenu shows the name of the hair--is there a way to use this mechanism?
    Also for the bird race, I'm using Anton's "Real Flying" wings. They are a magic effect which you get by drinking a potion. The wings slider gives the PC the potion, but it doesn't actually get drunk until you exit RaceMenu, so you can't see what you got. Any way to make this effect happen at once?
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    i have a problem i am using vortex and when i download this mod it opens up a fallout mod installer it was something like realistic weapon replacer something like that i have downloaded and used it a lot of times ago it only seems to happen now any fix?
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      Same Problem here. Seems to be a wrong link on the nexus, for the file preview shows the correct files.
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      Expired forgot that 1st April is over xD