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This is only for Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) user. Package with installer for NMM. Contain all of my latest work with the installation option to enable or disable any feature from it

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[size=0]tsk, tsk, lol for the one who keep tagging this mod as skimpy, etc etc[/size]
This is a full package for my latest animation work.

To work NMM to Wrye Bash go to
NMM to Wrye Bash Adapter by derari

If you want non-NMM version go to
New Animation Pack

What are the stuff that included ?
- New Animation for Magic Cast (male by default)
- Feminine Running (female)
- Momo Dash (female)
- VHH walk Less Ex version(female)
- Momo Acrobatic Jump v1.8(both gender)
- New Animation for Running with Bow 1.2b (female)
- New Animation for 1 HW v1.4.2b (gender option)
- PC Exclusive Animation Mod (Require Custom Races)
- Behavior files [required - packed in the file]
- Skeleton file (XPMS - back hip dagger with animation - change both gender)h

- Update your skyrim to 1.8
- Realistic Ragdolls and Force [If you choose to install XPMS from the Installation option]

1. "FNIS - always necessary" must be installed FIRST, BEFORE install this mod [IMPORTANT!!]
2. Install this mod
3. RUN GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
4. Tick patch for ;
- PCEA (only if you choose to install PCEA)
5. hit "update FNIS behavior" button
6. If you got warning, just ignore

1. Uninstall it through NMM
2. RUN GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
3. Disable patch for ;
- XPMS (only if you choose to uninstall XPMS - skeleton)
5. hit "update FNIS behavior" button
6. If you got warning, just ignore

- If you got T-pose or no animation played the it could be means:
1. You are installing and using FNIS incorrectly
2. The animations file is missing

- If you got problem with shield, magic cast while run, sneak, walk also holding torch. You need patch from FNIS

[Additional Information for PCEA ]
If you're using mod plugin (esp) that contain script that related to FNIS spell (pinup poser, minilover, AP, asx etc)
then you'll need to lure the script with vanilla race or it will cause CTD
1. whenever you start skyrim, load a save game where you play as vanilla race (e.g nord)
2. Use one pose from any feature the mod that cause CTD (faster if you using pinup poser, use any pose)
3. Load your main character (custom races) that you want to play

If you are using custom race which use Update.esm, make sure they are updated/remade again with CK 1.8 since older update.esm (1.7 or older) have many incompatibilities with 1.8 skyrim. especially at Race section. Mostly, if you enter some place with those races, you'll got CTD





Those vid might outdated but it's show the idea