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After a Long Hiatus I'm back , unfortunately my original files are long gone so I'll have to start relatively from scratch but that's not too bad as I still have the uploaded variants of my mod that I can work with to recreate this mod, it will release with DawnGuard/Dragonborn/HearthFires required initially, and within a week split up so that you can run it on any Skyrim version, the mod will require the Unofficial Patch Series from Arthmoor to run, as I use every single one of their item tweaks and in recently releases I noticed that my mod becomes dependent on theirs. so check back soon for the newest version despite NexusMod issues
Fate's Sorting
Game Version: 1.2+ Required!
This is basically a mixture of Headbomb's & Valdacil's Sorting Mods with a few differences to both.

Originally I had used "Better Sorting" until BOSS began mentioning "Unexpected/Out of Order Records" which are Potentially Game Breaking.

I then found "Valdacil's Item Sorting", but TES5Edit mentioned the same issue BOSS warned about.
I Decided to acquire the Creation Kit and quickly began modding each item myself one by one, using the Unofficial Skyrim/DawnGuard/HearthFires Patch for any fixes.

I have just finished capturing all the new items, I will release an early Beta version of the mod to include DragonBorn, it still unfortunately will require DawnGuard no matter what for now, but I'm merging the files that need to be and separating the DLCs so you'll all finally be able to truly get this working in any Skyrim Environment from Vanilla all the way to all DLCs

If anyone knows where the Smithing Enhanced names (Fine, Superior, Legendary) can be found in the CK please let me know, I've been trying to find those word values for a long while to no avail DX

If you notice any Errors or Mistakes, Please let me know and I'll correct them as soon as I can.

Current Release - V1.2:
Ammo - Vanilla
Books - Vanilla
Booze - Vanilla, Light Weight & Weightless
Food - Vanilla, Light Weight & Weightless
Gems - Vanilla
Potions - Vanilla, Light Weight & Weightless
Tomes - Vanilla & Weightless
Magicka - Vanilla
Ingredients - Vanilla
Misc - Vanilla
* DawnGuard Only Version Released as well.

Release - v1.0:
Fate - Ammo = Arrows and Bolts Naming changes
Fate - Books = Named similar to Headbomb's Version with Skills in parenthesis
Fate - Booze [Light Weight] = all Alcohols are 0.1 weight
Fate - Food [No Weight] = All food is Weightless
Fate - Gems = Gems & Soul Gems Soul Gems, follow Headbomb's Pseudo Version
Fate - Potions [Light Weight] = all Potions and Poisons are 0.1 Weight
Fate - Tomes = Spell Tomes Renamed to follow Spell Naming
Fate - Magicka = Spells and Shouts Re-Done
Fate - Ingredients = Similar to Headbomb's for Easier Sorting
Fate - Misc = Mix of Headbomb and Valdacil's naming conventions

Future Version Additions:
CFM Config since it doesn't work to well without one.Low Priority since I don't use CFM except for the quick select numbers
Merging Entries to shrink Load Order. Ammo & Misc are Bashed Patch Mergable [Wrye Bash Users]
Script for Skill Books - Allowing you to Save the books for later levels. waiting on reply from modder
Dragonborn DLC - Once I acquire it after it's release. Acquired!
Compatibility for other mods - Probably for Immersive Series, and WIC at first.

Whats Next!
Currently working on a similar mod to Balance Vanilla Skyrim, it will be similar to "Weapons & Armor Fixes" "Smithing Perks Overhaul" & "Complete Crafting Overhaul" but I plan to make it mergable with other weapons and armor mods like "Weapons of the Third Era" and "TERA Weapons" If I get enough feedback for this I'll release it, if not I'll just use it for my own personal pleasure.

HearthFires and DawnGuard are NOT REQUIRED! An issue has arisen and you will require at least DawnGuard for the time being to avoid and CTDs
DawnGuard and HearthFires Items will still be available and renamed if you have the DLCs but this mod works fine without them.

Since I am unable to actually get a hold of either of these two modders I am uploading this mod with this in mind, if at any point they ever get back to me and tell me I am not permitted to use their work I will take the mod down upon their request, but until then I will be updating this regularly, every time I finish a set.
Credit goes to Headbomb for his "Better Sorting" Mod.
Credit goes to Valdacil for his "Valdacil's Item Sorting" Mod.