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About this mod

This mod will make your trolls a bit bigger.

Permissions and credits

Normal Troll resized to 1.5 scale. Increment of 150 health points.
Frost Troll resized to 1.6 scale. Increment of 160 health points.

The changes have been edited with "Skyrim NPC editor" via "scale" in appearence and "health" in stats to "EncTroll" and "EncTrollFrost".

The Udefrykte troll and any armored troll has not been modified.


Simple installation with NMM.

For manual installation, put the archives in Data folder and load them with Skyrim launcher.


I incremented the size because trolls are small for my taste.

This is the only avaliable version of this mod.

Should be compatible with all mods that don't change the troll race.

The screenshots show my game, which has some mods installed. This mod does NOT change the appereance of the trolls.

This is my first mod ever. If you have any feedback or find any problem, please let me know.

Known Issues

In the dungeus, the trolls can get stuck with the cieling.