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One thing I always loved the most in the TES saga was the ability to grow your character from a low level wizard to a powerful mage and... the ability to levitate came with the package. As soon as you grew in power and expertize gone and forgotten were the times you had to walk from place to place like a mere mortal; "But.. There are horses now" you may say.
Can a horse fly you from one mountain top to another? I don't think so.
A nasty dragon doesn't want to land and shoots fire at you? Go up there and kick his ass.

But then it came Skyrim and Bethesda, after enclosing cities in interior cells they saw fit to take away from the player the ability to levitate in order to encase us in heavily scripted quests :( But no longer you have to suffer! Now you can fly, again.

I found on the nexus an old mod by J3X which added just what I was looking for: a Levitate Spell and I started my work from there.

This mod adds an Expert Level Alteration Spell:

Custom sound effect for Levitate Casting (see Video).
Custom sound effect for Levitate Concentration Loop (see Video).
Carefully balanced Magicka Cost.
Cleaned some dirty edits in the original mod.
Everything packed nicely into a BSA.

Initial release.
Fixed Packaging Error.
Added Optional Levelled List Version.

Download the "Spell Levitate.7z" and extract its content to your Skyrim folder.

You can find the "Levitate" spell in a satchel (with an expert lock) in Toldfir's room (see picture), in Winterhold College or you can find the tome into levelled lists. Be aware that the entry will most likely conflict with a bazillion other mods and the tomes won't show up UNLESS you use Wrye Bash to create a Bashed Patch.


If you can't wait you can add "Levitate" to your spell book, via console. Type:
help levitate
Then use:
player.addspell [ID#]

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

Fancy Hovering Animation.
The hovering animation as seen in the video is NOT included, to get that, you have to download Dualsun's Magic Casting New Style. Personally, though, I use a custom mash-up of Dualsun's and XP32's New Animation For Magic Casting this way my character hovers only when holding a concentration spell (such as levitate) and stays anchored to the soil when casting non-concentration spells.
In other words: Install XP32's animations then overwrite *ONLY* all "MagCast_" files with Dualsun's.
(Remember to pick Version 1.436 which is the one with the MagCast you are looking for; thanks to Dingenskirchen for pointing that out).

Levitate with care.
Levitate is a concentration spell, which means you will be flying as long as you keep the button pressed so if you stop concentrating mid-air you WILL fall to your death (granted Skyrim, differently from Morrowind) doesn't allow to cast spells while falling).

Levitation is Mana-Expensive.
Take into consideration that if levitate is used at low levels it is a mana drain and you may end up mana-less in no time and if that happens mid-air, you may fall to your death. In the video I am playing my character which is a level 50 wizard with 93 in Alteration and a pool of Magicka of 600. That is why it SEEMS it doesn't drain much magicka, but believe me it DOES :)

The game does not expect the player to levitate.
Remember that the Vanilla game does NOT expect the player to fly around, therefor, be careful when flying around as you may find the occasional invisible wall or when levitating in interior cells end up stuck in places you are not supposed to reach.

Show us how you fly.
Feel free to upload pictures of your character flying anytime :)

Original Script by J3x

You are permitted to use these files in your mod as long as you send me a message to ask for permission and you credit me for use of my files.

Open Cities Skyrim
XP32's New Animation For Magic Casting
Dualsun's Magic Casting New Style.

Spell - Brilliance
Colored Nails
Enhanced Lydia
Magistrate Eyes
Improved Soultrap
Daedric Letters Warpaint
Merchant Stock Respawn Fix
Spell - Levitate

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