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Paranoia of having no enemy healthbar, but still keeping essential combat information about yourself.

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This mod will not receive any updates or requests. Too busy with other projects and mods, not to mention I actually know little to nothing about Skyrim UI mechanics, haha. Sorry guys. 8(

While there's many No-HUD setups out there, I found I still wanted my own stats to be displayed in combat, while retaining the a scary lack of information about your enemy.

Why I keep:
Fatigue - Very very important to keep track of, and it's hard to listen for breaths to try and gauge your fatigue level without a HUD. Especially when a vital move (bash/power attack) is going to be cancelled if you didn't hear a breath and thought you had enough fatigue. Not cool for someone playing on master.

Mana - Currently no way of telling where your mana is at without a HUD. 8\

Health - Heck.. the others are here. Symmetry is pretty.


There are two versions.
The main one removes:
- Enemy Health Bar section (including the name)
- Amount of arrows (count for yourself, or check in your pack later)
- The key for prompts such as picking up an item. "Yes, E... I know"
- No sneak icon. No psychic powers.
- No location text. Dead giveaway for when you walk past a dungeon but don't notice it yourself.

The optional one just removes the healthbars, as the title suggests. 8)

NEITHER of these mess with the compass or crosshair, as those can be configured in the skyrim ini files.


- Key prompts were still showing
- Removed the location text

Thanks 0rava for your wonderful guide for getting started!