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Sal Web has changed location to his very own Trader called Black Webb Trader.
You can still sell all items (except quest items) including the stolen ones. Sal has just about any item you are looking for in his inventory including Dawnguard gear, he also has 5k gold on hand to purchase your items. He will not roam and is always available for business.

***Read This First***
To get to the Trader you will be approached by a Courier and handed a Note from Sal. This Note will tell you to go find Sal's Book. Once you find the book you will need to open it and you will the teleport spell automatically. If there are any issues or bugs please let me know and i will see if I can resolve them. I also put an explanation as to how this spell works inside of Sal's book, please read the book to understand how this teleport spell works.


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-changed when the Courier arrives to hand you the note
-moved the book to the forge on top of Silent Moons camp
-changed the note to present a different message.
-changed Sal's appearance to Nord

- Sal is now located in Black Webb Trader
- You will be able to get there only by completing a Quest called "Person of Interest"
- This Mod now Requires Dawngaurd
- Changed Sal's Race to Argonian

- Sal will now purchase Stolen items
- Fixed the amount of money Sal has on hand. He now should have 5k gold. If he doesn't please let me know.
- Added Lockpicks to Sal's Inventory

Up Coming Changes
a. Cast a summon spell and you will be teleported to "Black Webb Trader" Sal's very own store. ---Release date: 5.19.13 Version: 6.05

Courier doesn't show up at the change of location... Solution to follow in 6.06 release