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Command your own mercenary company, there is a variety of orders that can be issued and many more to come. I am also looking for feedback with ideas on what else to include in the mod.

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Command your own mercenary company, there are is variety of orders that can be issued and more to come but I'd like to release this as the first version of the mod. I am also looking for feedback with ideas on what else to include in the mod.

This mod requires Skyrim update:

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Thanks Chayification!

You will find a number of mercenaries in whiterun dotted around the town and inside the taverns. To hire them you must first speak with the mercenary captain who can be found inside the drunken huntsman in whiterun. Once you have hired the company, orders can be issued through the captain. You can also relieve the mercenaries temporarily if you only desire the assistence of the captain.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please message me or leave a comment.


Change Log:

Forts and camps that the company currently have AI to assault:
- Fort Greymoor
- Halted Stream Camp

- FIXED: Issue where the mercenaries would shealth their weapon when being told to wait on high alert
- FIXED: Issue where the initial cost of the mercenaries deducts 1000 gold peices instead of 500 (this should be fixed, it was a strange one because I was not able to replicate the error, please let me know if you still find it to be a problem)


- FIXED: Issue where the player was able to issue one last command to the captain on time of payment
if they were quick enough before the payment notification.
- The payment notification is no longer triggered by talking to the captain. It will simply appear
on the day of payment with no trigger needed.


- Added the ability for the player to upgrade each individual mercenary by giving them gold to
purchase better equipment.
- The player can now ditach an individual mercenary from the company and issue direct orders to them
for example "guard this area" can be used if the player wants to leave a select few of men behind to
guard a certain location while the player carrys on with the rest of the company.
- Payment can now be payed through the mercenaries aswell as the captain.
- A new command "Secure area but remain within shouting ditsance" will have the men secure the area
but with a smaller radius.
- The player can now access the inventories of the captain and all of the mercenaries.


- FIXED dialogue issue where the captain would still claim that the cost to hire is 1000 when infact
the player only had to pay 500. Th captain now asks for 500.
- FIXED the issue where if the player had between 200 and 500 gold the dialogue option would read
"Join me once again captain" even if the mercenaries had not been hired before and all gold would
be removed from the player.


- There is now a weekly salary that the player must pay in order to keep the mercenaries in his
service, the captain costs 100 gold upkeep and each mercenary legardless of type costing 50 gold.
This works slightly different in different circumstances, for example if you have 3 warriors
making the payment cost 250 gold in total and one of them gets killed, the cost will drop to 200 gold
if you decide to keep the team of mercenaries in your service and do not send them back to whiterun,
however if you allow them to return to whiterun and you have to rehire them, the cost will go back
up to 250 and when you pay, the mercenaries will join you again and the dead one will return as a
new recruit.

In short while in the field you only pay the mercenaries that are alive, but when re hiring you pay
the full price for all mercs. (Only the ones that are in service)
- The Status screen has been updated

- Fixed issue where if the player hired or rehired the captain in a cell with dead mercenaries
the game would crash or the merenaries would respawn with no body or head.
- Updated the amount of gold cost to hire the mercenaries to make up for the deacrease of starting
- The company now starts with 2 warriors instead of a whole squad of 5 mercenaries.

- Fixed problem where the captain would be dismissed after relieving his men
- Added New mercenary (Mage)
- The player can now optimize his company down to the man by hireing extra units through the captain
- The Company now starts off as a 5 unit squad (2 warriors, 2 archers and 1 mage)
- There is a menu that can be displayed through asking the captain about the company status, it
will display how many of each unit type you currently have in service, the total amount of mercenaries
in your service and how many of the hired mercenaries have been killed.

- Added Multiple races and genders for the mercenaries.


Grant2600 (Mod creator)

Bethesda (Skyrim)