Guards on Your home -hearthfire- Updated by Abram1 Ronsan123
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Guards on your home -hearthfire- Updated

by Abram1 , Ronsan123

Version :1.6

Date :08/13/2012

Category :NPC

This mod requires SKSE to work.

This mod requires the Hearthfire DLC to work.


  • This adds a Guards on your personal home
  • The size of the file is big because of the facegendata
  • Guards 50% sure that it's re spawn.
  • increased healing rate by 89% .
  • So they wont easily die.


The original author of this mod isAbram1

Since he cannot continue it because he is busy and banned. i decided to ask him if i can
continue this mod. cause many people want to update this mod (me too), im sosososo thankful
that he said yes,

Here is the link of the Real mod by Abram1 :Guards on your Home -Hearthfire-


4 Guards on every home in:

  • Heljarchen Hall - (Dawnstart)(D)
  • Lakeview Manor - (Falkreath)(F)
  • Windstad Manor - (Morthal)(M)


1.6 Added 3 people who you can buy armor for your guard.


  • * Lucie - Old Jarl of Falkreath , Loves to create weapons and armor. (she create armors for
  • the lake view guards) [Located at Falkreath Shooting range or in the inn]
  • * Loreego - Old Member of Dark Brotherhood , Hiding from db for his betrayal (he create
  • armors for the windstad guards) [Located at Morthal lumber mill]
  • * Arken - Member of NightinGale, Friend of Gallus (he create armors for the heljarchen
  • guards) [Located at the area of dawnstar]

** The scrolls of changing their armor can be equipped by left or right hands.

Scrolls have names on the last name , ex : weapons and armors of blades (f) = F stands for
Falkreath which is for the Lakeview guards

** Currently I only created 4 armors . Comment will help adding more armors :)

- companion, thieves , guard faction armor , blades -

Known Issues and Bugs

Still Searchin For bugs,

Gonna put if some bugs will occur


People Tellin alot of incompatibilities.

Please tell it in the comment section


  • Abram1 (His file)
  • SkyrimNexus (to where i can upload mods and download mods)
  • Bethesda (for creation kit and skyrim)
  • daJbot (Pyros Guidelines, owsom readme gene.)

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

Just download with nmm then install.

Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation

If you have any items from this mod, remove it first then uninstall it

Tools Used:

  • Creation Kit: Downloadable on the steam network.

Future Plans

  • Add some camps for them
  • More npc
  • enemies
  • and lots more

Legal and Licensing

Before you use the content first contact me Ill tell to abram1 to grant you permission