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- None anymore!

This mod adds a various amount new blood bending spells.
These spells are only for the darkest of hearts.
Will you devour your enemy or just watch them struggle as you slowly drain their life?

* This is a work in progress, feedback and cool ideas are always welcome!
* Spell books are found in: Sky Haven Temple
* Now features: a destruction perk tree add-on
* By adding the right perks, tier 2 and above spells will get stronger

This mod is a perfect addon to my other mod: Time Benders Bow

Blood Bend: All Entities - Grab your enemies from a far.
Blood Bend: Devour Life - Grab your enemies from a far and drain their life.

COMBO SPELLS: (Can only be cast while holding an entity)
Blood Bend: Drain Life - Drain (extra) life from your enemy.

Blood Bend: Fire Touch - Burn your grabbed enemy alive.
Blood Bend: Fire Touch - Tier 2 - Burn your grabbed enemies worse.

Blood Bend: Frost Touch - Freeze your struggling enemy till death.
Blood Bend: Frost Touch - Tier 2 - Freeze your struggling enemies worse.

Blood Bend: Electro Touch - Electrocute your grabbed ones high voltage style.
Blood Bend: Electro Touch - Tier 2 - Electrocute your grabbed ones worse.

Blood Bend: Paralyzing Touch - Paralyze your floating anoyance.
Blood Bend: Tag Entity - Brighten up your enemies without them knowing, good for tactical situations.

Blood Bend: Reek Blood - Open your nostrils and reek their blood form a far.


Skype: Dyramisty
Facebook: Dylan de Heer

Skyrim Nexus: Dyramisty


* Release

* Added a new combo spell
* Added a new power
* Added a new tactical spell

* Added voice acting for the base spells (dragon language)
* Added female versions of the spells to the urn

* Customised destruction skill tree (Special blood bending perks)
* Added "Tier 2" spells (These get stronger when you aquire the right perks)
* Tier 2 spells are fully voiced
* Added a second urn for the womans versions of the spells next to the other urn in Sky Haven Temple
* Added womans voices for each spell
* Fixed some buggs

* No longer requires Dawnguard!

* Perks fixed
* Paralyze should work
* Tier 2 spells now actually get stronger if you have the right perks
* Devour life is still bugged (Will have to find a work around)

[h1]NEWS FLASH: I'll be on a skieing trip from February 15th till February 24th![/h1]