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Animation Tools N1 by Anton
Skyrim » Utilities
Added: 05/01/2013 - 10:17AM
Updated: 15/03/2013 - 10:39AM

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Uploaded by Anton0028


Last updated at 10:39, 15 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 10:17, 5 Jan 2013

IMPORTANT NOTE: I made new version of this tools, but with IK armature.
You can try it out by the link: Animation Tools N3

This tools allow you to create animation in Blender 2.62+ and export it to the game.

All you need is:
- unpack all mod files to any folder.
- open in Blender dummy file "example.blend".
- create your own pose or animation.
- run Blender's script to export it (included).
- run "Convert.bat" and get your animation in game's HKX format.

All Nifskope authors for detailed info about NIF format and for Nifskope of cause
TheFigment for the "hkxcmd.exe" tool
Dimon99 for UNP body
Bethesda for the game
Blender team

Do what you want with those tools (except tool "hkxcmd.exe", it has it own restrictions) just give me a proper credits.