Immersive Bounty Hunting - WIP by Mitsarugi and Willy4x4
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Please always read the description

  • 01/28/2014 - 1.6 has been set on hiatus, cause of a computer crash last summer (2013), till i start working on it again!
  • 01/28/2014 - Please try the mod on a new game as it was still a WIP!
  • xx/xx/2013 - Ideas are accepted Here
  • xx/xx/2013 - Most pictures are from 1.6, to show people what to expect in the update!
  • xx/xx/2013 - Custom NPCs designed by 21crescendo, have a look at his work, it's very professional.
  • xx/xx/2013 - New version (1.6BETA) UPLOADED!please READ the description of the file before using it!!!
  • xx/xx/2013 - Please let me know any issues found in or with this mod and feedback in the comments
Thanks to Gopher for featuring my mod in "Skylight 1 (Skyrim Mod Preview) : Immersive Bounty Hunting" :D
Thanks to Gopher for showing my mod in his "Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 57 : Achieve This, Lock Overhaul and No Sneak Attack Sound" :D
As i was wandering around Skyrim and killing some Bandits for Bounty And after an Assassin from the dark brotherhood attacked me AND seeing as everyone in a town or village always seemed to know that i was wanted.
I wondered how they could even know what i looked like because there aren't any Wanted Posters around and still every man or woman knows I'm a wanted man/woman.
So i used my Photoshop skills to make a Wanted poster and added it to the game.
After some thinking and suggestions from other members, i decided to expand the mod to a lot more then just wanted poster, so the name of the mod was changed and it's getting an overhaul.

  • 1.5BETA- Quests that should be finished-able (kill your target and take the head):* Wanted: Eisa Blackthorn - Frostmere Crypt.* Wanted: Hajvarr Iron hand - White River Watch* Wanted: Bandit Chief - Halted Stream Camp* Wanted: Bandit Leader - Silent Moons Camp- Window displaying a choice of "killing" or "sparing" your target.- Targets get prisoner clothes when captured and all their equipment is removed.- You obtain a Bag of equipment you can sell.- Read a poster without activating the quest. (take it and then read it in the menu)
  • 1.4- Added Notice board decoration (let me know what you think, what could i add, etc...)- 1 Half finished (WIP) Quest , (Eisa Blackthorn's wanted poster), Other quests should work too but are just kill get bounty for now.- Get your target's head as proof you killed him/her/it :D (Eisa Blackthorn's wanted poster) (who says you really killed your target without some real proof ^^)- More Posters, Old ones re-textured, edited.- Note Sample (Sleeping Giant Inn) - Just read a Poster without/taking it to activate the quest.
  • 1.3- Added 2 new types of posters (different color and visual display) just trying to find the best looking poster style, let me know your opinions please :)- Added a roof to the notice boards for when it rains or snows , don't want them to be erased the same they they are put up ^^- Added a notice board to the intersection at the bridge in direction of WhiteRun and 2 of them Inside WhiteRun (one between the main gate and the market and one at the companions main door)
  • 1.2- Added 2 Posters and A Notice Board.- Posters can now be picked up/teared from wall/board.- Added Collision data to Wanted Posters.
  • 1.0- Mod released
The Wanted Posters are mostly in Riverwood in front of the Inn as i use it as a place to create and test the new features before adding them throughout all of the game.

  • Window displaying a choice of "killing" or "sparing" your target.
  • Targets get prisoner clothes when captured and all their equipment is removed.
  • Obtain a Bag of equipment you can sell. (200 gold value)
  • Read a poster without activating the quest. (take it and then read it in the menu)
  • Get your target's head as proof you killed him/her/it. (see updates)
  • Wanted Posters can be picked up from walls.
  • Several varieties of Wanted Posters
  • Notices (Only one inn for now)
  • Mercenary Announces
  • Notice Boards.
  • "Help Wanted: " should give you the list of quests with their ID's And "SetStage <QuestID> <Stage>" to progress the quests to their next stage:- 0 = start stage- 10 = get the skull- 20 = captured stage- 30 = get reward stage (got skull)- 100 = finished stage
Bounty Hunter's Guild - Story Line
- A story will be added with a Bounty Hunter's Guild with 6 custom bosses and a lot of custom bandits (screenies from 21crescendo soon) , forsworn, trolls, dragons....etc [Version 1.6]-...(more info later on this)
Capture Quests
- Go get Bounty reward from a Bounty Hunter's Guild (Whiterun steward for now) (guild WIP) [Version 1.6]- Prisons are going to be added to the Guild [Version 1.xx]
- Once you collect your reward the Captured Actor/Dragon/Thingy will disappear into prison if captured. [Version 1.6]
-Yield window giving you the choice to kill or spare the target [Version 1.5]
-Prisoner clothes for your captured target [Version 1.5]
-Bag of Equipment you can sell [Version 1.5]

*Capture is something I'd like to add to Skyrim, to make the Actor/Dragon/Thingy Go K.O or Yield and then you'll get an option to activate the yielding Or K.O'd Actor/Dragon/Thingy which will take away their equipment and equip a Rope tied around him/her/it (making the rope right now ) so their arms should be put into the tied hands position.
And I'm not sure yet but the Actor/Dragon/Thingy will either follow you (if he/she/it dies doing so it will still count as if you killed your target) or stay in place till you complete the quest, and I'll have a prison for captured criminals where they'll be teleported to once the quest is completed and they were still alive.

10 Bandits [Version 1.6]

See image section for pictures made by 21crescendo

    4 Nord Barbarians
  • >. Derek Tallowhand (male)
  • >. Rigmor Green-Hand (male)
  • >. Hurolf Flat-Foot (male)
  • >. Ruki Red-Tooth (female)2 Imperials Sword & Board(shield)
  • >. Eduard Valodius (male)
  • >. Miles Mercius (male)1 Breton mage
  • >. Vannona Moorsmith (female)2 Khajit Thieves
  • >. Ma'Jidarr (male)
  • >. Ja'Fazir (male)1 Woodelf Ranger
  • >. Faurgor (male)
It is recommended to create a New Game for now as this is still a WIP, I wouldn't want to destroy your save files :)Use the Nexus Mod Manager !Or If you're installing this manually, then extract all files into Skyrim's Data folder ( "C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappscommonSkyrimData").Once you've extracted all the files, double check that the mod is activated by selecting "Data Files" from the Skyrim Launcher's screen, ensuring that "Wanted Posters.esp" is checked.
Willy4x4 & Mitsarugi (this mod)21crescendo (for making the custom actors)
Quad2Core (for helping making the WIP scripts)
Bethesda Softworks (for making Skyrim and the Creation Kit)