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Join the pirates to accomplish a top secret mission given to you by the Elder Council from Cyrodiil.

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Pirates of the Pacific: The Protection of the Elder Scroll

There is a bug caused by conflict when you activate this mod and "Alternate Start-Live Another Life". The bug appears when you make a new game with the above mods both active and your player ends up falling through the floor. To avoid it, don't load PiratesOfThePacific.esp with Alternate Start if you want to make a new game. When done with the character generate, load it and start the quest normally.


For a french translation made by Firt2000 visit this page:
Pirates du Pacifique: La protection du Parchemin des Ancients

For a polish translation made by fenrissa:
Pirates of the Pacific The Protection of the Elder Scroll (polish)

For an italian translation made by Ciccigomna:
Pirates of the Pacific: The Protection of the Elder Scroll - Traduzione Italiana -SKI-


This is a quest mod inspired from the very many pirate themes seen in films or games. But this time, you have a different kind of quest to complete. To find and protect an Elder Scroll from the famous Captain Morgan and his crew, while pretending to be a pirate so that you can gather informations from them. Keeping a low profile and doing whatever they ask you to do, will in reward give you the location of this Elder Scroll and a chance to hold it away from the enemy's hands (pirates and mostly Thalmor).

18/1/2017 --New entry: The mod is once again updated in an attempt to fix the first scene were many players got stuck in infinite waiting time. Please let me know if it works for you now.

Now the mod is updated because of some minor bugs some players noticed, especially the users saynothing and tamira. You can see a detailed changelog at the end of the description page.

A recent cinematic showcase made by sodarkelf:

Featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly, thanks to MxR and his really good job:

Another one from Skyrim Mods, by AIChestBreach, in three parts:

Also, on Always the strongest enemy CTD, vol 54-58 by RAN DUU, thank you very much:

You can get an idea of what it looks like thanks to saynothing:


And the short walkthrough of the Kaloi Island I made:


Important Note!
To unequip the clothes that Captain Morgan gives you, just drop them down. I had many questions in the comments about this so I decided to write it here for anyone who's having a hard time unequiping them.

Quest Startup:

To begin the quest, load your saved game and you will have automaticaly a letter from the Elder Council along with the "quest started" mesage. After reading the letter, travel to the Solitude Docks where two pirates will wait for you. Speak with them to join Morgan's crew.


You can leave this to the Nexus Mod Manager, which is simpler. Just install the mod and activate it in the NMM.

Conflicts and requirements

It doesn't require Dawnguard or Hearthfire to be played. Just Skyrim and the latest update (, now corrected thanks to Tamira)

It may conflict with other mods that change things in the Solitude Docks area but it's not confirmed.

Version 1.2
-Changed the handling of some AI packages in the first scene (captain Morgan calls for his crew and goes to the open sea) so that no one get stuck again. Previous version failed to fix this.

Version 1.1
-Changed the way the game handles the quest progress so no one can get stuck in the temple, or at the begining.

-Blocked the front door in the Kaloi Rebout so you can't get inside the village before following Howl of the Wolf. However you can get inside from the side door and skip the sneak part. Everything continues just fine.

-Added a script to check whether the player has the Kaloi Map in his inventory or not to prevent getting stuck after the sea battle if you opened the chest in the middle of the battle.

-Fixed a wrong lip file, a subtitle mistake and cleaned the mod from dirty edits. The warnings that you might encounter if you check the esp file are because there are many things changed in the Solitude docks and cannot be deleted from the Tamriel records.

Version 1.0
-Initial release.

Special Thanks & Credits

Special thanks to Tamira for converting the tropical plants to work in Skyrim.
Special thanks to Yughues aka Nobiax, the original modelist and texturer of the plants.

Credits to Bethesda for the game.
Credits to Niftools for the nif editing programs.
Credits to 3ds max program.
Credits to Adobe for Photoshop.