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by Splynter

Version :1.03
Date :08/13/2012
Category :Cheats and god items
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A complete crafting and storage solution that you carry with you and deploy as needed.


A full crafting workshop that you can summon most anywhere, as long as you have enough space around you. It also contains access to player owned storage chests that are stored underground and can be accessed by equipping a token in your Armor inventory.

This is the latest iteration in the "Pocket" series of mods. It is a combination of 2
previous mods: Pocket Smithy, & Pocket Magecraft.

Pocket Crafting Shop is activated by equipping the [Pocket Crafting] token in your inventory
Armor section. Once equipped, the crafting tools will be summoned around you. On the 1st use, you will also receive the [Open Pocket Crafting Storage] token. This will enable you to
access hidden storage containers that are player owned and non-respawning.

The room where the storage chests are kept is now accessible by an external trapdoor or by
using the included [Pocket Crafting Storage Teleport], which will be added to your inventory
apparel section after the 1st use of [Pocket Crafting].

The storage room also contains a Trash Barrel where you can deposit your unwanted items.
Items placed in the barrel will be deleted after 24 hrs. of game time. Any time you add to
the barrel, the timer gets reset. When you close the barrel, you will have the option of
"Empty Trash Now" or "Reset 24 hr. Timer". So, if you have items in the barrel already and
you open it put more items in, the timer will be reset, but if you close it without placing
items in, the timer keeps going as before.

When the [Pocket Crafting] token is equipped, the following crafting apparatus (apparatii,
apparatuses?) will be summoned:

• Arcane Enchanting Table
• Alchemy Crafting Table
• Anvil
• Grinding Wheel
• Armor Crafting Bench
• Tanning Rack
• Mini Smelter - One-Third size & fully functional.
• Wood Chopping Block (w/ axe)


After installing, the next time you launch your game you will be given the choices of "Get It
Now", "Purchase It From a Vendor" or "Craft It At the Forge". Once you have the [Pocket
Crafting] token, it will be in your Armor inventory near or at the top. Just equip it and the
items will be summoned. To put it back into inventory, just unequip it.

After acquiring [Pocket Crafting], the first time you use it, the [Open Pocket Crafting
Storage] token will be added to your inventory automatically. This will allow you to remotely
open any of the 5 storage containers without summoning them.

The containers are named as "Ingot & Ore Storage", "Potion & Ingredient Storage", and so on,
but you can store anything in any of them. I just labeled them for convenience. I also threw
some swag in them just for fun.


7.20.12 -- v1.03 -- Added entrance to storage area; added Storage Teleport to go directly to
the storage area from any outside location. The Pocket Crafting now is equipped to summon
crafting gear, then equipped again to send it away. It will automatically unequip after being
used. Placed more labeled storage chests including a Trash Barrel. The Trash Barrel auto-
empties after 24hrs of game time. You can also empty it right away.

7.17.12 -- v.008 -- Several tweaks and code fixes.


Nexus: cmosbob


Splynter created the mod, I just uploaded it to Nexus.

Manual installation

Unarchive to desktop, and drag the contents of the data folder to your ...\skyrim\data

Manual Uninstallation

Delete the files _pocketcraftshop.bsa and _pocketcraftshop.esp.

If you decide to uninstall, be sure you take everything out of the containers first so you
don't loose them. If you forget to do so, and if you want your stuff back, you'll need to re-
install and load a save from a time before you unsubscribed.

Legal and Licensing

You may use the content as you please, as long as Splynter is given credit for his work.

(Quote from original SteamWorkshop Mod Page:

Anyone who wishes to upload to another site, modify the scripts, or basically make any
changes may do so as long as proper credit is given. I just do this for fun and to keep my
mind working while I'm unemployed, so I'm not going to be too anal about other people using
and/or expanding on my original code.)