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Added: 04/01/2013 - 05:39PM
Updated: 06/03/2015 - 10:55PM

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Last updated at 22:55, 6 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 17:39, 4 Jan 2013

This mod adds a small fort southwest of riverwood, where you exit Bleak Falls Barrow after fetching the dragonstone for Farengar.

I like a lore friendly playthough of skyrim, but i couldn't find a rough and ready house mod that was suitable for the rugged characters I like to play. I also wanted somewhere i could gather my followers (using the the 'my home is your home' mod- I advise getting that too). So, i decided to have a foray into the technical side of modding and make my own house. there's everything you need for forging steel armour, but not just lying around- that's what the mine's for! the fort's current inhabitants are levelled, so evicting them should be fun at pretty much any level, and the mead hall is cosy and well stocked.

This mod requires an up to date version of skyrim or apparently it will not appear. it does not require dawnguard, hearthfire, or any mods to run, although certain mods will enhance it.

this is the first mod i've shared, and i don't mind having some constructive criticism sent my way ( that reminds me, don't go in the chicken coop, just wait for them to respawn and consider it purely aesthetical)

Known Bugs:
-The bandits defy logic and respawn even though i asked them nicely not to.
-There are a few items that will be marked with the 'steal' option, not 'take'
-Oh god the chicken shed
-The weapon racks may be unwilling to yield any weapons you put on them (temporary fix: use TCL and retreive your weapon from behind, if it's an emergency/rare wep you want back)

Planned updates (besides bugfixes)
-extending the mine and adding a bandit boss
-adding many more idle markers/updating navmesh
-adding a basement to the mead hall
-Adding a mini-quest to remove the boss and gain a follower or two

hope you guys enjoy it, if you did, please endorse!