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Breezehome basement to store your stuff, craft or just hang out.

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WARNING: Only activate this mod if you own all 5 purchasable player homes!! (Versions 1 thru 1.8 only.)

This is my first attempt at modding, so please go easy on me. Just my take on what a player house addition should look like.

Access is inside Breezehome in the back room. If you have any mods that use that same area, please disable them before activating this one. Also added access from the other 4 purchased homes. V2.0 removes added doors and backroom access to make heartfire friendly. Access is through trap door at the foot of the stairs in main room.

This area contains:

56 weapon plaques, 24 weapon racks, 18 shield plaques, 12 dagger cases, 6 display cases, 22 mannequins, 10 shrines, 9 dragon priest mask busts, 15 bookshelves, 3 chests, 2 strongboxes, 1 rare satchel, 1 safe and 2 wardrobes.

It also has an enchanting station, an alchemy station, a leather working rack, a smelter, a workbench, a grinder, a wood chopping block (for arrows) and a forge (acts as skyforge). No bedroom or "kitchen". You're in the basement, go upstairs!

Version 2.0 adds claw rack, removes extra doors and makes compatible with Hearthfire.

Please comment, suggestions welcome, I will try to fit stuff in but feel it's basically done. For those of you that like "Book Covers Skyrim" by doccdr and DanielCoffey, I can't figure out why the books display upside down. If anyone has any ideas or wants to try to fix it, please help out.

If you want more light in some areas, I recommend:
"Lanterns and Candles" by Mentilreq

I also recommend:
"My Home Is Your Home" - a mod for followers by Volek
"Spouses Can Live Everywhere" by Amgepo and Emma

My apologies. For some unknown reason I cannot get Book Covers Skyrim to display properly on the shelves. All books will be upside down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to try to fix this your self. Let me know in the comments if you succeed.

My other files:
The Ranch
The Ranch SSE 
Heljarchen Driveway

v1.1 and onward cleaned with TES5Edit v3.0.26EXP

v1.2 Fixed mannequin locations and added navemesh for companions. Recommend loading before any mods that change Whiterun to avoid potential problems. Companions can be ordered to use all work stations and chairs. Chairs in front of fireplace will result in follower saying they can't do it but will if you insist (order them to do it again). Also, will seem to get stuck there upon standing up, just order them to sit at the bench or wait somewhere nearby, insist if they say they can't do it.

v1.3 Fixed disappearing wood column in entry hall. Should be last fix, if you find anything please post in comments.

v1.4 Changed entrance. Didn't like the trapdoor/ladder thing. (technically not a fix, heh)

v1.5 Added entrances to the other 4 player houses and light & clutter to the Breezehome entrance area.

V1.6 Moved doors because of clipping and resized safe to render in room and still be opened. Also decorated the hall and fixed some lighting issues.

v1.7 Fixed dragon mask busts, replaced "Markarth" banner with Arkay.

v1.8 Fixed disappearing post, lowered shelves in hall for easier access and should now be Dawnguard and Dragonborn compatible.

v2.0 Added claw rack and made compatible with Hearth fire by removing doors and putting in one ladder from Breezehome only. Cleaned w/TES5Edit 3.1.2.