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Syerscote is a new Town with new meshes, Custom voiced NPC\'s, quests and a purchasable player home.

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Looking for a much larger and much better mod? Check out Rochebere here!


Syerscote is an interesting new settlement for you, the player, to explore, interact with and live in. The mod is complete with several custom voiced NPC's, new lore-friendly meshes, 2 quests to determine the owning faction of the town, and a purchasable and improvable player home, in the same style as vanilla Skyrim house purchase mechanics. The Settlement's map marker is visible between the cities of Solitude and Morthal, however, Syerscote tracks it's crime separately to either of the two holds.

I am making this mod to see what people think of this theme, since it is the same vibe that is featured in the large city and questline mod I have been working on since June, Rochebere (Check out the thread over on the Nexus forums!).

The Quests

There are two quests in Syerscote-

-Keeping Control: Help the Mayor of Syerscote and the Imperials keep control over Syerscote by locating a Stormcloak Spy. Start this quest by asking the Mayor about Stormcloak presence in Syerscote.

-For Ulfric!: Assist the Stormcloaks by taking the Settlement for the rebel forces and putting down any opposition. Start this quest by killing the Mayor of Syerscote.

The House

To purchase the house, speak to the Steward in Syerscote Manor. You can buy the keys for 4000 Gold. You will then be able to upgrade:
-The Living area
-The Dining Table
-The Bedroom
-The Study

And Also purchase:

-An Alchemy Crafting Station
-An Armour improvement Hammer (Works the same as an armour Workbench)

The NPC's

There are several NPC's in the village, which include:

-3 Town Guards
-Crassius/Hulgard: Mayor
-Seguri/Kolfhe: Steward
-Cydna Noble-Heart: Court Wizard, Spell merchant
-Bur-za: Beggar
-Relianne: Alchemy merchant
-Hickim: Blacksmith
-Suleem: Blacksmith merchant
-Turena: Ore/Ingot merchant
-Sabrinda: Food merchant
-Malpen: Food merchant
-Viania: General Goods merchant
-Elfid: Innkeeper merchant, Speech Trainer
-Ol Capt'n Sham: Villager
-Falced: Follower of Mara
-Fralvia: Bard



Q) Why won't my followers follow me upstairs in the house?
A) It has been designed this way to prevent the upstairs area getting cramped, since the rooms are particularly small.

Q) Will you add Hearthfire and/or spouse support?
A) Maybe.

Q) Can you make it bigger, or add more quests?
A) It is unlikely, but you should definitely visit the thread for Rochebere on the Nexus forums. It's like Syerscote but on a huge scale.

Q) What are the conflicts?
A) None so far.


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Download with Nexus Mod Manager or manually following the steps below. Let me know if you run into any problems and I will do my best to help.

1) Download the Main file.
2) Open the .rar and extract the contents to your Skyrim>Data folder, saying yes to merging any folders.
3) Check that Syerscote.esp is checked under data files!


If you run into any problems using the mod, please let me know via personal message or comment so that I can begin working on an FAQ! Thanks!


Myself, samv96UK for the NPC's, quests, AI packages, exterior design, scripting, interiors, house meshes etc.

Oaristys and Tony67's modders resource pack (Miscellaneous meshes)

InsanitySorrow- Insanity's washing stuffs (Washing line meshes)

Artisanix- Paintings and frames

Voice actors- Jay Appleyard, Tony Stevens, Brady Bennett and Jouvena (Zyone007)


DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS MOD TO THE NEXUS OR ANY OTHER SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION FIRST. Send me a message first, and I will let you know if I think it is okay for you to re-upload this mod.

Thank you for downloading, and please endorse the mod if you enjoy it!