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This mod gives an unique look to every village in skyrim by retexturing the farmhouses. It\'s COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY MOD that add\'s items, trees and other things to the villages!

Permissions and credits
NOTE: At the time Morthal, Dragonbridge and Rorikstead are missing, but I'm going to do them, too. Ca. Every week there'll be a new village that gets an unique look!

The Unique Villages Series has the intention to give an individual and unique look to every village/town. In skyrim every smaller settlement have the same look of farmhouses. They look great, realistic and nordic, but after some time it gets very boring to see every time the same buildings.
Unique Villages wants to fix that.

The great thing of this mod is that it's compatible with EVERY mod. It only tetextures the meshes of the farmhouses and that's all. THIS MOD DO NOT DELETE, MOVE OR EDIT ANY OBJECTS!!! On the screenshots it looks on one picture like that a clover is deleted, but that was a mistake with my looking distance and not my mod! Unique Villages is compatible with T.A.V.E., Better Villages, and so on.
The second great thing is that Unique Villages only use Vanilla textures to change the Farmhouses, so it's compatible with every texturereplacer, the download is very fast, and for the guys with the computers that are not so good it's fantastic, too. But beware: It's possible that with some texturemods, like "Sexy Solitude, Sexy Riften" or similar mods like them some villages would look strange. You may like it, or you may not like it. Please write it in the Comment's if you recognize some large changes to the screenshots I uploadet.

The first Village I made unique is Falkreath. In Vanilla Skyrim, Falkreath is the major town of an whole Hold, but it look's the same like some dozy sttlements like Karthwasten or Shor's Stone. With "Unique villages" the hay-covered farmhouses changed to impressive, ivy-covered buildings with stony roof tops as it should be for the major town of an hold.

The village I retextured next is Ivarstead. His citizens always say it's the last hole in the back of beyond, but for me it always had an homely charm. From this place you always start to the throat of the world and it was the first place of human civilisation when you came back. It had an air of adventure and always ready to host you. The same things I associate with (don't laugh) Central European taverns e.g. in resin. So I retextured the whole village like this, and now every building looks like an looks like an peaceful, oversleep half-timbered house.

The retextured Shors Stone looks now like a really village in the rift: The architecture is more riften- alike and the whole appeareance is a bit more darker and at the same time fallforest alike. The buildings now simply look a bit like a farmhouse- version of the houses in riften!

Karthwasten's bulidings now do not longer look as the farmhouses as you find them at every edge in skyrim: Now they look like shabby miner hut's at the back of beyond like it should be, sordided by the terrories of the civil war and the attacks of the forsworns. At the foot of a mountain in the wild beauty of the reach Karthwasten shines with a new gloss - a very shabby gloss ;)

So, here's the part for Dawnstar, finally! Dawnstar is an idyllic Harbortown in the frosty north of Skyrim and lies in the middle between Solitude an Windhelm. So it's very important in the civil war and both factions are trying to get it to their side to have an stratetic advantage. Notwithstanding this the people of Dawnstar live their live in the beautiful town. But under this peaceful surface lies a dark secred: The daedric prince Vaermina harasses the dreams of the citizens. So I gave an idyllic look to the town but give it at the same time next to the idyllic and snowy posts black walls to symbolize illustrate that something is not in order. All in all, Dawnstar now looks like an important harbor town that is idyylic and at the same time a bit mysterious!

Incompatibilities: Please read the Tutorial at the end of the text if you use the "Static Mesh Improvement Mod" or "Better Dynamic Snow". There fixes avaible that these both mods working perfectly with every part of "Unique Villages", but you should read the text for being sure that you'll get no issues!

I'll update the "Unique Villages" Series regularly. Every week there will be a new part. I'm going to make Falkreath, Ivarstead, Rorikstead, Karthwasten, Dragon Bridge, Morthal, Winterhold and Shor's Stone unique. Riverwood and Dawnstar will be like vanilla, but if you want an unique version of them, simply write it in the comments, then I'm going to make it maybe. The whole process to make a village/town unique isn't difficult and all in all done in 15 minutes. The difficult thing is finding an harmonious look for every village/town. If you have ideas how to make that, simply write it in the comments, too.

Please rate, comment, subscribe, download and endorse my mod!

Sorry for may bad english...

I hope I made a part of making your skyrim better.


What fix I have to use?

This little Tutorial explain what avaible fix of the Unique villages Series you have to download if you want to use my mod with the "Static Mesh Improvement Mod", "Better Dynamic Snow" or the Unique Village Series with both mods together.

At first control that you are using the actual versions (SMIM: 1.27 ; BDS: 2.12)!

For every Village there's the Standart Version, you have to use that Version if you don't use SMIM and BDS.

Then there are the BDS- fixes (for every village one). If you are using "Better dynamic snow" only download this files.

If you are using the Static Mesh Improvement reinstall it please! Now reinstall SMIM. Choose the options you want to use. If you activated the "Install everything" Option at the beginning you have to use the SMIM fix.
If used the "Custom" Installation, the "Farmhouse Ropes"-section is important: YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OPTION! If you activate the UV Fix, you don't have to download the SMIM fixes! Note: The UV Fix only replaces textures, but this Textures are only visible in the villages that "Unique Villages" don't affect! The option is compatible with Unique Villages, and if you choose it you do'nt have to use the SMIM fix!
If you want to have the SMIM-Ropes, please activate the no-Fading Option! The Fading-Option will cause issues! If you choose the no-Fading Option you need the SMIM fix!
Again: Please activate the UV fix OR the no-Fading Option and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANDES the Fading-Option in the Farmhouse- Rope- Section, or the SMIM fix will not work correctly! That's very, very important!

If you want to use the Static Mesh Improvement Mod AND Better Dynamic snow together, you also have to use only one of the avaible fixes. Now you have to find out find out which one of them! For that you have to uninstall both mods, SMIM and BDS.
Then start the Installer of SMIM. Again: You have to choose one option in the"Farmhouse-Rope"-section! If you choose the UV- Fix, install BDS after finishing and use the BDS fix!
If you choose the "Install everything" no-Fading- Option (again: DON'T USE THE FADING-OPTION!!!) on the "Custom Way" in the "Farmhouse- ropes"- section, install BDS. After a while there have to appear a question: "Data File 'Data/meshes/architecture/farmhouse/farmhouse01.nif' has already been installed by 'Statc Mesh Improvement Mod' Overwrite
with this mods file?" Now you have two otions: If you click on 'YES TO ALL' (DON'T CLICK ON "YES TO FOLDER" or "YES" or "YES TO ALL"!), and BDS will overwrite SMIM's farmhouses including the ropes (I wouldn't recommend this!). In this case you have to use the BDS fixes (for every village one), but I would recommend the other way: If you click on "NO TO MOD" (DON'T CLICK
ON "NO", "NO TO ALL"or "NO TO FOLDER"!), you have to use the SMIM- fixes (for every village one).

That's it! Now everything should be perfect! If you still ahve issues like hay on the roofs like in vanilla skyrim, buildings

that still are looking like farmhouses in Vanilla Skyrim, or buildings that don't look like on the uploaded images, reinstall BDS, SMIM both like described above, and if they wan't to overwrite "farmhouseXX.nif" files or ".nif" files with the word "farm" inside, click "YES"!

And if then still are issues or you don' use SMIM or BDS go to "Data/meshes/architecture" and delete the whole "farmhouse Folder!

Thanks for downloading, rating, and giving a chance to my mod!

And if you want to have more villages as quick as possible don't forget to endorse!

But the best and most motivating thing is when you leave a personal comment!