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Collapsed and refurbished castle ruins in the Reach. A Volkihar Castle-themed player home. Requires Dawnguard DLC Version 1.2 released!

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Twilight Hall

"Located in the southern mountains of the Reach away from prying eyes, the Castle of Twilight Hall allows you to claim it for your own. The ruins will provide a safe haven and will prove invaluable to stealth-oriented Dragonborn." - Summary

The plug-in adds Twilight Hall, a small to medium-sized player home in the Reach, near Purewater Run and west of Dushnikh Yal. It was generally designed for stealthy characters but I'm sure warriors and mages will feel comfortable there. It's my first mod, so any advice or constructive criticism is always appreciated. It is only partially nav-meshed, followers don't seem to enter/exit the house. I won't try to fix this mainly because it's a bit of headache for me.
Version 1.2 released! Everything has been overhauled, much work has been done and I hope you'll appreciate this. Don't forget to comment and endorse if you like the mod, thanks!

"The Castle of Twilight Hall was built in 3E 396 by an esteemed Dunmer wizard Llether Veleth. Unfortunately, ignorant Redguard soldiers sacked the castle during the War of the Bend'r-Mahk and killed Master Veleth. Now, in 4E 201, an unknown nightblade refurbished the ruins. But under some circumstances he had to leave..." - History


- Twilight Blacksmith Forge
Packed with everything a skillful smith might ever need, including the forge itself, a tanning rack, workbench, grindstone, wood chopping block, and a weapon plaque to display your favorite weapon.

- Twilight Study
A place for a mage or an alchemist, packed with an alchemy lab, arcane enchanter, a shelf with some ingredients and two weapon plaques for displaying enchanted weapons.

- Twilight Dining Hall
Features a bar counter with Firebrand Wine bottles, a table and three samples of unique Shadowbanish Wine*, which allows the imbiber to be granted with Night Eye for 30 seconds.
* - appeared in TES IV: Oblivion

- Twilight Library
A place for the player to relax and read a book, features some bookcases, a chest, a lectern and a fireplace.

- Twilight Bedchambers
The area features a bed, table, a chest for loot, a display case and two weapon plaques.

- Twilight Treasury
Turning the candlestick in the library opens the passage to a hidden treasury with lots of gold ingots, dragon priest mask holder, a safe with gold and 10 extremely powerful Ebony Arrows of Slaying**, able to kill a Legendary Dragon in one hit.
** - appeared in TES III: Bloodmoon

- Twilight Minion's Room
The room of Fadril Moloth, features his chest full of random loot which Fadril "fetches". The chest respawns.

- Twilight Watchtower
The highest tower in the castle than can be accessed via a door near the forge. On shiny days one can see the nordic ruins slightly north of the hall.

- Twilight Tower of the Dragonborn
The tower has a nordic throne, a dragon skull trophy, some bottles of Draught of the Dragonslayer, which gives you the Dragon Infusion perk, a map of the province of Skyrim as well as a platform for meditation.

- Twilight Training Tower
This simple tower was built for combat practice, with three dummies to train on.

- Twilight Stables
Stables feature Rethan, a fast and invulnerable steed, and Dalamus Moloth, a stablemaster who watches after the horse.

- Twilight Garden
The garden has an extra alchemy lab, nightshade and deathbell plants for brewing poisons, three samples of extremely rare and poisonous Jarrin Root and two bottles of Ahm Galath*** which fortify One-Handed and Sneak skills by 70%.
*** - appeared in TES Travels: Shadowkey

Currently no bugs present, but tell me if you find any.

Skyrim with 1.8 patch (not sure if the older ones will work)
Dawnguard DLC

Drop "Twilight Hall.esp" into your Skyrim/Data folder, check the plug-in in SkyrimLauncher/NMM. If upgrading from older version, remove everything you stored inside and save somewhere outside, replace the .esp with newer file, check it in SkyrimLauncher/NMM and load the game as usual.