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Willow Creek Cottage by SteezMyster
Skyrim » Player homes
Added: 02/01/2013 - 08:01PM
Updated: 17/07/2013 - 09:08PM

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Uploaded by steezmyster


Last updated at 21:08, 17 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 20:01, 2 Jan 2013

Well, first I'd like to state that this is my first player home so any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! This helps me improve and means higher quality mods in the future, with that I present to you: Willow Creek Cottage!

Willow Creek Cottage is a small house with some nice goodies for the average adventurer. It's perfect for those who like to role-play or those who want a small, cozy player home.It's very detailed and immersive, and doesn't include any "over the top", extavagant features that you might find in some of the player home mansions on the Nexus. It's located near Riverwood and you can find it on the map.

  • Full Smithing Station
  • - Custom Forge and Smelter, Tannning Rack, Workbench, and Grindstone.
  • Alchemy Station
  • Enchanting Station
  • Auto-Sort Chest
  • - Sorts your Soulgems, Ingredients, Potions, Poisons, and Food.
  • Teleport Map
  • - Teleport to major cities like Whiterun, Solitude, Windhelm, Winterhold, etc.
  • Custom Spells
  • - Includes a Teleport Home Spell and a Summon Chest Spell.
  • Study Area
  • - A book that will suggest undiscovered places to explore and study skills giving you a bonus (you can only have 1 bonus active at a time)
  • Custom Storage
  • - Custom Food, Soulgem, Potion, Poison, Ingredient, and Book Storage
  • Customizable Garden
  • - Choose what plants to put in the garden.
  • Stables
  • - For your horse to stay at.

- Whatever I think of
- Possibly user suggestions/requests

- Fixed Enchanting and Alchemy books
- Fixed quest not completing or advancing
- Added an armory, you'll find a trapdoor on the porch of the house that leads to it
- Some more misc bug fixes

- Added a wood chopping block
- The lights inside the house and outside the house will change depending on the time of day

- Fixed issue with studybook skill menu
- Fixed issue with scroll auto-sorting
- Added crafting access to the the alchemy and enchanting tables, it will now link the chests to the crafting bench so you no longer have to grab the items from the storage containers.

- Fixed issue with quest not completing
- Fixed issue with chests respawnging
- Fixed issue with some items not being auto-sorted
- Made some changes to the exterior of the house
- Added scroll auto-sorting
- Added a script to the combat dummies and archery target, they will now give you xp
- Possibly more I can't remember?

- Bug fixes
- Added auto-sort for blacksmith supplies, activate the blacksmith book to auto-sort.

- Added a quest to get the house
- Added more decorations
- Added a customizable garden
- Added stable area
- Added training area
- Made the furnace both the forge and smelting station
- Added more food storage containers
- Fixed floating chest bug
- Possibly more? I can't remember.

- Fixed a bug with vanilla couriers
- Removed the custom courier (for now)
- Added scroll container

- Fixed the cooking book in the alchemy station
- Fixed the cook book auto-sort issue
- Made all food clutter static
- May have fixed the floating chest bug (not sure, if someone can let me know that'd be great)
- Fixed some more things with the courier
- Some minor bug fixes

- Fixed some things with the courier
- Added auto-sort for food
- Added a wardrobe
::::::::::::::::::::Can't find the floating chest, if someone can post a screenshot of it I can try to fix it in the next update.:::::::::::::::::::::::

- Enchanting book will give you a bonus on enchantments
- Alchemy book will give you a bonus on potions
- Smithing book will give you a bonus on armor and weapon improvements
- Study book will allow you to study different skills
- Added a personal Courier outside the house that can fetch crafting supplies for you
- Added a Cheese Container
- Added a Drink Container
- Added a Gourd Container
- Added a Bread Container
- Maybe more that I can't remember?

- Added funtionality to the study area

- Release!

None, if you run into any bugs please let me know in the comments or PM me and I'll try my best to fix it.

- Blary for the custom mesh resources
- MalachiDelacot for testing and exterior navmesh
- Carah for testing
- Porscha for testing
- cgleave, I used his scripts as a base for the exploration feature
- B1gDaddy for the combat dummy scripts