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Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim

Skyrim Special Edition version available here.

Aurora upgrades standing stones with tactical and interesting new powers and abilities. Each standing stone comes with one passive ability and one active power.

List of standing stones

The Apprentice

Ability: Eager Student
Spells are cheaper to cast. Novice spells cost no Magicka to cast.
Power: Manacaust
1/day - Rapidly regenerates Magicka, but may randomly teleport the caster and others nearby.

The Atronach

Ability: Corrupted Arcana
Spells are more powerful and cheaper, but Magicka does not regenerate other than by ending combat.
Power: Blood Price
At will - Transfers half of your current Health to Magicka.

The Lady

Ability: Lunar Familiar
You have a spirit cat familiar that fights for you and scales with character level.
Power: Eclipse
1/day - Marks a target for your spirit cat to attack, dealing more damage and taking less damage.

The Lord

Ability: Blood of Kings
Your attacks deal increased damage at high Health but reduced damage at low Health.
Power: Kneel or Be Knelt
1/day - Slams nearby enemies into the ground, dealing damage and rendering them helpless.

The Lover

Ability: Undying Love
Once every 30 minutes, you are resurrected when you take a killing blow from an enemy.
Power: Lover's Kiss
1/day - Chooses a target, granting the ability to summon the target to your side at any time.

The Mage

Ability: World Under Aetherius
Improves the effectiveness of all spells and scrolls by a small amount.
Power: Ascension
1/day - Choose one of three random spell schools, improves its spells for a short time.

The Ritual

Ability: Rebirth
Nearby corpses are reanimated under your control. Performing offensive actions breaks the spell.
Power: Life Swap
1/day - Swaps your current Health percentage with that of your target.

The Serpent

Ability: Star Curse
When entering combat, you and everyone else on the battlefield lose all Magicka and Stamina.
Power: Serpent's Hiss
At will - Target unaware of your presence is paralysed and loses 40% Health.

The Shadow

Ability: Blur
Increases your movement speed when you are in combat.
Power: Shadow Step
At will - Use the power of shadow to instantly teleport behind a target a short distance away.

The Steed

Ability: Explorer
Increases your movement speed when you are out of combat and reveals nearby landmarks.
Power: Bag of Holding
At will - Access an extradimensional storage space with infinite capacity.

The Thief

Ability: Finishing Blow
Your attacks deal increased damage against targets below a quarter of their Health.
Power: Blood Money
1/day - Gamble on the death of your enemy, gaining a payout depending on its Health when cast.

The Tower

Ability: Tower Key
Gain the ability to open a strong lock once a day and open weaker locks at will.
Power: The Dungeon
1/day - Nearby targets are trapped in a trance, unaware of their surroundings but invulnerable.

The Warrior

Ability: Ysmir's Scales
Upon entering combat, reduce incoming attack damage by 75% for a short period of time.
Power: Star of the West
1/day - Inverts your current Health, Magicka and Stamina percentages.


Compatibility with other mods

See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.

How to install or uninstall

To install: Make sure you do not currently have the Atronach Stone or Steed Stone active, then add the mod to your load order and activate it.
To uninstall: Make sure you do not currently have the Lover Stone active, then remove the mod.