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Want to have multiple installations of Skyrim? I'm not just talking saves or load orders, I mean entire versions of the game with its own loose files, saves, load order, esps, and everything else. Now you can! Skyrim Installation Manager allows you to have as many copies of skyrim as you want, and allows you to switch between them with a click of a button! Try out some of those overhaul mods you were afraid might ruin your Skyrim install. Have a clean install of skyrim so you can see how your mods work in vanilla Skyrim. Create a fresh new installation of Skyrim to play when your old one gets borked, knowing you can always go back to the old one to repair it.

This is an alpha release of Skyrim Installation Manager, which allows you to easily create and change between between skyrim installations with ease. It can avoid copying files that come with the game, preventing unneeded space use.

Because it is still alpha status, it is likely very buggy. PLEASE make backups before attempting to use this tool. We are, after all, taking about a tool that moves files around on your hard drive.

1) Extract the application to some place on your hard drive and launch the executable. This application self contained, in that it stores both its config files and all inactive Skyrim installations within its own directory (inside a subdirectory titled "saved configuration").
2) On first launch, must set the game directories. At minimum, you need to set the location of (1) the game files, (2) your game folder, and (3) the skyrim directory in the appdata folder (which has your load order). AS OF VERSION 0.8a, THESE 3 DIRECTORIES ARE AUTODETECTED If you use NXMM or Wrye Bash, you should add those directories as well (if they are not already within the other three directories).
3) Once you have done this, you can start creating new installations and swapping between them. Obviously, make sure the game and any utilities for the game are closed before switching.

Tutorial Video (watch in 1080!):

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PROTIP: You could use this for other games like Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion, Morrowind, etc. Just have another copy of this program and set the directories as appropriate. Make sure to use the blank file list.

Know any Python? This program is open source. Source code is at

Pull requests are welcome!