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Added: 07/12/2011 - 04:19PM
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Note: This was to fulfill a promise I'd made before Skyrim's release. I don't play with this plugin 'cause I'm not afraid of spiders, so fine tuning of it will require feedback. If you encounter a living and/or aggressive spider, please note its FormID with your console using the '~` for any bug arachnid reports.

Name: Arachnophobia

Version: 0.90 (this one's going to take some fine tuning to get just right)

By: JustinOther

Description: Alters the relevant LVLN, NPC, and ACHR records to spawn a variety of other foes in spiders' places. If, for example, there's a spider cave, there will be a dead spider or two and a more powerful foe(s) like a troll or wolves to explain why they're dead.

Install: Unpack and place the plugin in Skyrim\Data, then load with your your launcher or favorite load order tool.

Back up your save, just in case!

Uninstall: Delete the file or untick it.

Rights: I'm a lefty. Do ...whatever.

Thanks: Beth and Elminster.