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I like collecting unique gear from around Skryim, but I don't find enough unique enchantments. So I've taken it upon myself to add more enchantments to one of a kind items that don't have one. I've also made some new items with interesting enchantments. So far the changes made are:

Uniques added:

Conjurer's Ring- Increases number of summons you can control by 1. Increases conjuration spell duration 50%.
-Located in Fellglow Keep on a broken table near the exit.

Divine Ring- Makes Divine blessing more powerful, and last 24 hours.
-Located in the Fort Sungard Shrine.

Dovaring- Time between shouts is reduced 10%. Increases damage taken from and dealt to dragons by 15%.
-Located in High Hrothgars living quarters.

Healer's Ring- Makes restoration spells 25% more effective. Alchemy is 15% more potent.
-Located in Cragwallow Slope in a small room.

Stone of Brim- Increases the damage of firespells by 20%, and reduces their cost by 15%.Increase fire resistance 20%.
-Located in Darklight Tower behind an upturned table near a Hagraven.

Uniques changed:

The Woodsman's Friend - Animals up to level 50 have a 20% attack anything nearby for 13 seconds.
Value changed to 580
-Found east of Shriekwind Bastion near the body of a dead wood cutter.

The Longhammer - Does 15 frost damage to health and stamina and absorbs 15 stamina per hit.
Value changed to 590
-Held by Rahd in Liar's Retreat.

Rundi's Dagger- Increases the wielders Alchemy abilities, and does 5 poison damage over 11 seconds.
Value changed to 400.
-Found ESE of Winterhold on an unmarked altar near the corpse of Rundi.

Nettlebane - Does 6 poison damage and slows the target by 75% for 19 seconds.
Value changed to 350.
-Obtained during the quest "The Blessings of Nature."

Borvir's Dagger- Prevents the target from casting spells for 12 seconds.
Value changed to 680.
-Found in Journeyman's Nook.

Blade of Sacrafice - Turns raised undead and banish summoned creatures. Soul trap for 30 seconds.
Value changed to 700.
-Obtained during the quest "Boethiah's Calling."

Angi's Bow - Causes fury for 15 seconds and absorb 5 health for 15 seconds.
Value changed to 900.
-Owned by Angi, obtained by finishing her practice course.

Rocksplinter - Does minimal fire damage and reduces the targets armor by 40 for 8 seconds.
Value changed to 500.
-Held by Odfel at Shor's Stone.

Ghorbash's Ancestral Axe - Has a 10% chance to disarm the target.
Value changed to 300.
-Found in Burguk's Longhouse.

Briarheart Geis - 5 points of extra damage to Nords.
-Found at Lost Valley Redoubt.

-Need feedback on balance.
-All items should not be disenchantable.

-Future plans:
-Make leveled version.
-Add enchants to unique gear that's removed after quest completion.
-Add a way to retrieve most unique items not obtainable after the quest is complete. (e.g. Armens sword, queen freyaldas sword, etc.)
Please let me know about any other unenchanted unique items that I missed.

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