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Added: 01/01/2013 - 02:12AM
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Last updated at 20:00, 30 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 2:12, 1 Jan 2013

This mod adds retextured elven weapons to Arch-Curate Vyrthur's loot table for the Auriel's Bow questline. So far I have added a sword and a dagger with the same enchant as Auriel's Bow. Let me know if you guys like the retextures and I will do the rest of the weapons as well. They have been retextured to match the Ancient Falmer armor set.

This mod will also add the Ancient Falmer Crown to the loot table as well so it can be obtained without the use of console commands

Changed the Ancient Falmer Crown to have armor rating equivalent to the rest of the set and it now works with the Light Armor perk "Custom Fit"

Second Update:
The rest of the Elven weapons have been reskinned and added to the game. This also includes the Elven Bow (Auriel's Other Bow) which will cause the extra explosion from Sunhallowed Elven Arrows (You will still need Auriel's Bow to shoot the sun). Also the weapons as well as the original Auriel's Bow now have unlimited charges.

Will add in tempering and possibly crafting for these in a future update.

Third Update:
I have added in a retextured Elven Armor set to go with these weapons for those who don't care for the Ancient Falmer Armor. The shield has the same enchant as Auriel's Shield. I have also added in Auriel's Arrows to match the set and they explode on impact like the Sunhallowed ones do if they are shot from the bow in this mod, or the original Auriel's Bow but shooting them at the sun will have no effect.

The armor and the weapons can now be crafted at a forge using the original elven item and Enchanted Moonstone Ingots which are crafted at the Smelter with 1 Refined Moonstone and 1 Filled Petty Soul Gem. Crafting the armor and weapons requires Elven Smithing.

Still to come; tempering.

Fourth Update:
All of Auriel's Armor and weapons can now be tempered using Enchanted Moonstone Ingots!!