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This mod adds over 100 new spells to Skyrim. All new spells are based upon spells and spell effects that were available in Morrowind and Oblivion.

All those spells can be bought from one vendor.

In the northeast, at the Border from Skyrim to Morrowind lies Refugees' Rest.
There a new merchant set up his camp and has an immense selection of valuable Spell Tomes.
Look for a Trapdoor inside the destroyed tower.

The new spell effects in detail are:

Divine Intervention
Fire Shield
Frost Shield
Jump (requires SKSE)
Lightning Shield
Mark and Recall
Swift Swim
Tribunal Intervention
Water Walking

Bound Armor
Bound Shield
Bound Weapon (Dagger, Mace, WarAxe, Greatsword, Warhammer)
Summon Dragonpriest
Summon Dremora Warlock
Summon Dwemer Animunculi
Summon Shade
Summon Skeleton (Normal, Guardian, Hero, Champion and Mage)
Summon Spirit Bear

Damage Health/Magicka/Stamina
Disintegrate Armor
Disintegrate Weapon
Drain Health/Magicka/Stamina
On Touch (Fire, Frost, Poison and Shock)
Poison Cloak
Poison Spells
Weakness to Fire/Frost/Shock
Weakness to Poison
Weakness to Magic


Absorb Health/Magicka/Stamina
Cure Disease/Poison
Fortify Health/Magicka/Stamina
Fortify Speed (Self and On Touch)
Reflect Damage
Regenerate Health/Stamina
Resist Fire/Frost/Shock
Resist Poison
Resist Magic
Restore Stamina
Spell Absorption

Currently missing effects:
Now all effects from Morrowind and Oblivion should be available, if I missed out something please report it here!

Some additional Notes:
Blind --- blind enemies will still attack you but it greatly decreases their ability to detect you while you sneak
Chameleon --- if you turn permanent transparent after this spell, you used an invisible effect from another mod, please don't save and restart skyrim.
Bound Armor/Shield --- If you have the Mystic Perk the armor and shield will be enchanted. If you use the spell again during the time you have already equipped the armor/shield it will unsummon it.
Jump --- those spells will only work if you have SKSE installed otherwise you will get a message which indicates that you need SKSE (sorry there is no other solution for jump)
Recall/Interventions --- use those effects with caution, depending on the situation they can break some quests
Reflect Damage --- works only on physical damage
Poison Spells (Master Level) --- won't work on followers, horses, essential NPCs, protected NPCs

Future Plans
Maybe some of the missing fortify effects (attributes/skills)

If you experience any bugs or find spelling mistakes please contact me here.
Also if you have any suggestion for new features or things which need adjustment just post it here!

Drop everything into your Sklyrim/Data folder.

To Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
To J3X for letting me use his levitation script from: