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Added: 07/12/2011 - 02:17PM
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This modder's resource contains five enchanted, unique rings. I can't tell you how it behaves ingame, this mod has been created 'blind' using FNVEdit BEFORE the Creation Kit was released.

  • The Ring of the Dwemer - Fortify Smithing
  • The Ring of the Dragons - Fortify Health
  • The Ring of the Mage - Archmage Robe Enchantment
  • The Ring of the Falmer - Fortify Stamina
  • The Ring of the Daedra - Fortify Speech

Feel free to use it as a modder's resource, the Blender file including the original finger bip (skeleton) and the corresponding UV Face Layout Targa file (2k size) is available as a miscellaneous download. It's the base for all of these rings, no big deal I know but you might find it useful.

It would be nice crediting my work if used in your projects and if so, please drop me a line, I'd love to see what you made of it.

Used in this mod:

The One Ring a LOTR mod by 514Y32. In my opinion the best "One Ring mod" around; not because it features some parts created by me, this mod is pretty immersive using a very good visual effect - and Sauron's call. Give it a try, it really deserves a lot more attention!


The glowmaps for the glowing inscriptions are not working, you need to activate the glow shader in NifSkope.

Tools Used Thankfully:

ReadMe Generator


Thanks to fmoritz for providing the fonts.