Skyrim Khajit by Lisel
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I will admit to copying the idea from an Oblivion Mod by Cerath. I enjoyed the character so much that I thought it would be a perfect fit for Skyrim. I attempted to email Cerath with no response. I mean no insult by copying his original idea., I only wished to port it to Skyrim.

A Skyrim Khajit is a powerhouse in battle. Hailing from high in the mountains of Skyrim, these people are intelligent, quick, strong and very large. They are colored much lighter then Elswheyr Khajit so as to blend ino their snowy homeland. They make excellent warriors due to their natural power and aggressiveness. Like all Khajit they can see in the dark at will and have unarmed claw attacks, but are masters of the melee weapon. They know little of magic other then restoration and healing spells. Due to their size, I do not believe they would make effective sneak characters.

Skyrim Khajit restore health and stamina faster then normal, but replace magicka much slower then normal.

Heavy armor: 10
Light armor: 10
Two-handed: 10
Archery: 5
One-handed: 10
Restoration: 10
Smithing: 5

Starting Health: 70
Starting Magika: 30
Starting Stamina: 70
Base Carry: 400
Health Regen: 2.0
Magika Regen: .5
Stamina Regen: 7.5

Size: Extra Large