Corporeal Translation spell by AMKitsune
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Corporeal Translation, a spell that enables the caster and their target to almost instantaneously swap places.

What possible use could this provide?
Well, it can be used to warp across small/large gaps provided that there's someone on the other side, removing an individual from a crowd or the sight of others or (literally) gaining the higher ground in a battle. Use your imagination.

Magicka cost depends on the distance that you plan on travelling. to begin with, you won't be able to travel very far but as your max total magicka increases, so will your ability to travel greater distances.
upon reaching level 75 in alteration, the cost for travelling will halve. I was originally going to link the cost drop to the respective alteration perk but it turns out that other mods that affect perks may break this mechanic, so you get the halved magicka cost at alteration 75 whether you have the perk or not.

The spell can be bought from the chap in the college of Winterhold who teaches alteration.

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