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Highly transparent and shiny Glass armor and weapons. CBBE, UNP, UNPB, iLoveCleavage, and 7NBase body types are supported. The light refraction is supported that will distort image showing through. Female HouseCarl skirts that can be customized with your own texture banner.

Permissions and credits
I hope you are enjoying this mod, and hopefully not too distracting while you stare at this mod in the game.
Thank you all for taking time to download and endorsing this mod.

V5 is here! I found a way to simulate the crystal look on the malachite pieces that were hard to add the glass refraction.  The Multi-layer Parallax with the detail map transparency brought out the look.

My Glass Refracting Series

Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach
Refracting Stalhrim Armor and Weapons
Refracting Wine Bottles
Refracting Soul Gems

Why this mod

I didn't like the Glass shield was blocking the beautiful Lydia body view, so I added the transparency to it. I saw a few transparent glass shield mods, but all had too much opaque. The light refraction enhanced the glass appearance as it distorted an image looked through the glass.

Refraction of Light

Wiki: "Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it's speed is different. The refraction of light when it passes from a fast medium to a slow medium bends the light ray toward the normal to the boundary between the two media." In a plain term, it looks great in-game in motion.

What is this mod

This mod will replace the game's vanilla glass equipments, and it does not change any equipment rating. The provided Skysan_GlassNTGBow.esp mod activator file is not required to see this mod's items, but it is required to see many female armors. No other armor mod required, but the UNP body mod is recommended for the craftable UNP armor.

The main DL has all glass equipment including both default vanilla female and male cuirass. These default armors have the vanilla body mesh with the stock undies. The craftable other armors are fully transparent, and it has a bikini panty for the PG13 rating. The default armors are less skimpy, but they are bulky.

The latest version will allow you to have vanilla and many other body type armors at the same time, and the default is vanilla female armor. The provided Skysan_GlassNTGBow.esp file must be active to see all other body type armors. See the adult version of these female armors.

With the latest Skysan_GlassNTGBow.esp file from the MAIN download's "Skysan_GlassESP" option, you can have all 6 female glass cuirass armors simultaneously.  Vanilla, CBBE (Alt), Nikitaa CBBE, UNP, UNPB, and Crusade UNP.  The following picture is showing the optional 7Base Crusade armor.

Those who have been using CBBE as the default Glass cuirass, please use the "Switch default vanilla and CBBE cuirass" option from the MAIN download. This will allow you to retain the enchanted existing CBBE armor.


Please click the PERM icon above.
Special thanks to farkhadrasul for showing me how to do refraction and shield mesh file which he separated glass part. A tremendous contribution he has provided to this mod.


Please use the mod manager download if you have it because that will automatically install. The Main file section has the required main download files.

The Armor file and the Weapon file became replacer. You won't see extra armors or weapons unless you download the "Skysan_GlassESP" download. All extra items are now in the "Skysan_GlassESP" download.

Install order

No install order for the main download files.The only install order is the optional files will overwrite the main files.

The MAIN "replacer" downloads are just the game default armors and weapons, so you'll need the "Skysan_GlassESP" download to see all extra equipments.

Please check the README tab for all possible plug-and-play combination for the MAIN download files.

For manual Installation

Download the download files under the Main section, and unzip them to the skyrim/data directory. The optional section has a list of optional changes to the  MAIN download.

Optional all in one list

This is not required if you are happy with the main download files.  This optional files will overwrite the main files.
Please read this post to see the full detail on these optional files.

HouseCarl skirts

The game default glass female "skirt" was too plain, so I added the customizable HouseCarl skirt. There are 5 banner skirts which are Whiterun, Solitude, Riften, Windhelm, and Markarth. I added 3 body types for those 5 banners, so you can have 15 different texture banner combination. To illustrate this, I have replaced two banners with Korean flag and USA flag. Please read this forum topic or the included readme.txt file on how to customize to your own.

ENB with DOF

The Wilds ENB author LSiwora allowed me to publish her ENB I've been tweaking and using, so you can try using it to achieve the very similar look as my pic posting on this mod.
Colorful Organic ENB preset

Disappearing armor when submerged in water

 Please try HDT Skyrim Ordering Independent Transparency by HydrogensaysHDT to see the armor when viewed above water while this mod's armor is in the water.  That mod is an ENB plugin, so you will need to use ENB.