Dawnguard - Unkillable Huskies by Konrann
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Added: 30/12/2012 - 01:38AM
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All this does is change the Dawnguard armored huskies Sceolang and Bran from "protected" status, meaning that only you or your companion can kill them, to "essential" status, meaning they're downright immortal.

I made this since I have the bad habit of accidentally finishing off the poor things and having to reload.


Just stick the notepad file in the Skyrim data file per usual, same place as any mod.

Open the console command in Skyrim.
(Do this by typing the "~" key in-game. It should be next to the 1 on your keyboard.)

bat huskies

Hit enter.

Note: You will see errors listed in the console command. This is because the huskies have different IDs for different people, and all of them are covered.

Also, this only modifies your save file from that point forward, not the entire game. If you start a new game or backtrack, just remember to do this again.