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Mordida's Bow is a new bow. The bow can be found somewhere in the Solitude Catacombs. I plan on making a quest to get it in the future, but for now this is ok.

The bow has a special soul trap enchantment on it. When a soul trap occurs Mordida's bow will shave off a sliver of the soul and create Mordida's Soul Arrow. This arrow when used with the bow will reanimate a dead body that is based off your level so if your:

Level 01-19 you can reanimate a level 10 being for 45 seconds
Level 20-34 you can reanimate a level 20 being for 60 seconds
Level 35-49 you can reanimate a level 35 being for 90 seconds
Level 50-59 you can reanimate a level 50 being for 105 seconds
Level 60-80 you can reanimate a level 60 being for 120 seconds

!Requires Dawnguard!

**************************************************Updated 12/29/12**************************************************
To better level out the bow now the soul trap only works on humanoid characters who are living. The reanimate will also only work on dead humanoid characters. This should make the arrows more difficult to obtain.

**************************************************Updated 12/23/12**************************************************
I have updated the reanimate spell to better level out the bow and not make it so powerful