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- Works with or without HearthFires.
- My previous Breezehome Basement mods are not required for this mod. I recommend making the switch to this mod. :)


Contains eight chests, sixteen barrels, (cupboards, wardrobe, end tables, etc.), alchemy and enchanting table, five mannequins, eight weapon racks, smelter, forge, workbench, stone grinder, chopping block, cooking pot (bunker base), two and a half bookshelves (master bedroom and two in basement), Shrine of Talos (master bedroom)


Trap Door:
There is a trap door near the forge, it leads to an abandoned shack in Pelagia's Farm. There's a map marker for first travel.


Cave Area / Imperial Bunker
- While in the basement, next to the door connecting Breezehome to the basement, there are two white walls. One of them is a false wall.
- I'm leaning towards a story line of your character hearing about a rumor of a secret consortium of individuals from various empires that were responsible for their respective survivals if the dragons were to take over. But the dragons died out and this consortium may or may not still exist and the bunkers were lost to time.
- Reset Zones (well, I hope so): "Imperial Bunker Entrance" and "Restricted"
- No Reset Zones: "Basement," "Imperial Bunker Base," "SubSkyrim," and "Farm"


- I didn't touch the alchemy / children's room. I added a slight addition to the side of the house. The first floor has stairs to the basement and the second floor extends the master bedroom out some.


Downloadable Locations:
Steam Workshop


- Cave Area / Imperial Bunker

- Added more detail.

- Minor adjustments.

- Original mod.