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A large exterior home with four floors, a pool, fish pond, sauna/Jacuzzi, large display area, five bedrooms and full crafting.

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[size=8]Updated to V1.2[/size]

Name: Clintsters Pure Water Home
Version: 1.0
Category: Abodes - Player Home
Author: Clintster74

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Update to V1.2
In an attempt to try and make this run smother on slower systems I have added occlusion panels around the house this will stop the game from rendering everything in the cell and only what you see on your screen. Depending on how slow your video card is you may still get some shutter when looking at the whole house as you are walking up to it, if you do look down. I have done all I can do to fix this short of cutting a third of the house out.


It will no longer rain in the house or any of the buildings, when it is raining you can go inside and it will be dry and warm (the script will work with Frostfall/Wet & Cold) and you can look out any of the doors, windows and covered walkways around the house and see the rain.
All the doors in the house will now close automatically behind you and your followers (where you born in a barn close the door).
The front gates will open only for the player and his/her followers and then close automatically (no more strangers wondering around the house.
When entering the pool area, pond, sauna/Jacuzzi, either one of the bath tubs or toilets, you and your followers will automatically strip (get naked) to whatever base body you are using, your followers will redress them self's you on the other hand will need to redress your self . You will get a message "inventory removed, it will be returned when you leave the area." And one "inventory returned, get some clothes on,"
I have added some "pool furniture" around the pool and two rafts in the pool, on a warm sunny day take some time off and relax.
Removed the fire pots and put torches around the house that will automatically turn off at 7:00am and turn back on at 6:00pm.
Put in two small gardens on the back side of the house.

[size=7]Installation of the update:[/size]

For those using NMM don't down load until you read and do the following.

For manual installation down load the files read and do the following, then drop the new data folder in to your Skyrim file.

Go to the house, have your followers wait outside of the fence/front gates, go in and make sure all the doors are closed (very important, the doors are on a delay timer and will return to their previous state I.E. if they were closed and you open them they will close, if they were open and you close them they will reopen) make a hard save of your game, exit the game and install the update.

Update to v1.1:
This update includes a new .esp and a missing texture and fixes the problem of followers not using the front door.
The problem with the followers not using the front door was due preferred pathing navmesh stopping at the front steps and the steps being too high, I have pulled back the preferred pathing and lowered the steps.
Please remember that this is an exterior cell and followers don’t teleport in to the house and will keep their preset follow distances. If you use a follower mod and can summon to you, you may need to use it to get them in to the room of your choice otherwise they will just wonder all over the house and the grounds.
Thanks to a wonderful video by twallace267 I found a missing texture on the noble round tables.
If you have v1.1 down load the update file and install, if this is your first download of the mod download and install the main file.
This mod has now been cleaned with TES5Edit.

viedo by Tamira

A large exterior home with four floors, a pool, fish pond, sauna/Jacuzzi, large display area, five bedrooms and full crafting.

The house is on the west edge of the map south of Markarth just across form Dushnikh Yal

Basement :
Large display room, alchemy/enchanting room, grow room, liberal with a view of the fish pond and a bathroom with tub and toilet

First floor:
Large open living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom

Second floor:
Master bedroom, one bedroom with four single beds, one bedroom with one double bed, and one bedroom with two single beds.

Archery and combat practice dummies.
House grounds:
Stable, smiting workshop, fish pond, swimming pool and a cliff over look deck.

What’s in the house:
Ten four shelf book shelfs.
Thirty two mannequins
Fifty seven weapons racks
Thirty seven weapons plaques
Sixteen dagger plaques (these are down sized weapons plaques set to display daggers only)
Nine large weapons display cases
Eight dagger display cases
And over sixty containers.

color=yellow]What’s outside the house:[/color]
A stable, smiting work shop, fish pond with a view in to the basement, a large swimming pool, patio with a BBQ pit, a large deck overlooking the river.

Down load the file to the folder of your choice and unpack.
Navigate to:
C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData
For 64bit users:
C:Program Filesx86SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData
Drag and drop or copy and paste the .esp and meshes and textures folders and allow for overwrite
To uninstall remove the .esp, open meshesClintster74 folder and remove Clintsters Pure Water Home same thing for the textures.

A legal copy of Skyrim patched to

When approaching the house (with the whole house in your view) you may take some FPS hits on slower systems if you get a little shutter try looking down towards the ground.

For the pies, sugar and tollhouse cookies, carrot, cherry and strawberry cakes, the bar and bar stools in the liveing room, the round donuts are bonds mesh using my textures.
The gold, white and green necked chickens.
The food plates and pies in a pie tin are a collaboration between bond and I, I took his pies and cakes and marred them to the games food platter along with my own food to make new food platters.

For his unlimited bookshelves script for modders found hear
Unlimited bookshelves

For his wonderful new plants found hear
New plants 1_1

for the Organ and stool (retextured my me) found hear
Strotis Organ Resource

For the outstanding video review, you can find many more mod reviews by twallace262 at MrBiggengaming found hear MrBiggenGaming

For the "Getnaked" "auto close and lock door" and "Set weather" scripts and the tutorials to install them.

For the pool furniture found hear
Pool Furniture
I altered his meshes a little and made some new textures.

For the Automat Light Switch script.

For bringing the Light switch script and a tutorial to the nexus as a modders resource. Found hear
Automatic Light Switch

Thanks to:
Bond123 and gentester for the testing.

The nexus sites the best place to share mods and find help in modding.
Tools used:
Photo shop CS5

Legal and Licensing:
You may use assets in this mod (except as noted above) in your own mod, just give me credit for my textures and models
You may not alter the mod for re upload.
You may not upload any of my assets to any other hosting site, this mod and my assets are for the nexus only!.
Thanks for looking

A very special Think you to Bond123
For getting me started in this type of modding to began with, his extensive testing of this mod and all my mods, and more ideas and concepts than I can count. There are many items in this mod that are the collaboration of Bond and myself.