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This mod adds a new silver crossbow and silver bolts.

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This mod adds a new crossbow to the game, a silver crossbow and silver bolts as well. I weren't satisfied with current silver crossbows and there were way too few of them, so I decided to create my own instead.

---How to get---
You'll have to craft the non-enhanced silver crossbow from a regular crossbow. The steel smithing perk is now a requirement, due to problems with silver category. You can then later on enhance it. You can also craft silver bolts at the forge.

---What's new?---
In the 1.1 version, the recipes changed and I added silver bolts. Silver crossbows is now more efficent against undead. The silver bolts couldn't have specific scripts on them so they just have a silver look and they are slightly better then dwarven bolts (1 base-damage).

Dawnguard esm.