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This mod adds some proper wings to the Vampire Lord aswell as some armor.
Vampire Lords & Ladys wear draugr armor, Vampire Kings & Queens wear Dragonscale.

NEW: Vanilla armour version is up!

Permissions and credits
Grimoa's Vampire Lord

>> What does it do?
Those stubs for wings really don't befit a Vampire Lord, don't you think? No wonder all he manages is to hover. But with a few different flying mods around, I thought it's high time for some real wings! Bat-like wings, that (luckily for me) work beautifully with the vanilla animations.
And while I was at it, I've put on some armour aswell.
Draugr (ancient nordic) for the Lords and Ladys, dragonscale for the kings and queens.
This mod is a mesh replacer so it should be compatible with anything that does not change the same meshes.

NEW: Vanilla armour version. I deleted the old wing membrane parts from the vanilla armour so you can now have the vanilla armour with my new wings.

Of course you need to decide which one to use.

>> Installation
Copy everything to Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data
To uninstall delete all files added by the mod. A list is in the readme.

or use NMM!

>> Compatible with...
anything that does not change the same meshes!
Best way to be sure about it: Imstall the mod in question an give it a try. I would do the same.
And please report your findings! ;)

So far people reported my mod is compatible with:
DrFring's Vampire Lord Retexture (note: wing membrane will keep colour from my mod)
Vampire Lord Collision Fix by Mercurius85 (because the rescaling is done through an esp, not the mesh.)
Larger Vampire Lord Wings (because it changes the skeleton not the meshes)

Please note I have no idea if the above mentioned mods are compatible with each other, but my guess would be yes.

>> FAQ

> How to get Dragonscale armour
That's Lord Harkon's armour. When I saw there already was a female mesh version in the vanilla DLC I assumed there would be a quest reward or something. Aparently not so. Oops.
Luckily you can use this mod to get it: Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree - abilities - and more by xyks

> The Cape
The DLC comes with a seperate mesh VampireLordCape.nif which is equipped by a script. (I hope I got that right.) The collar however is part of the armour. (Why? >.<)
So if anything equips that cape to your character (like Royal Bloodline Mod) you will have a cape. But no collar, cause that's not part of my modded armour.
I think about merging the cape and collar into my armour (as a new mod file of course) but I will have to find a way to disable the vanilla cloak or there will be both cloaks on the character. Probably with a lot of clipping.
Maybe just an empty nif... (Have to see if that results in CTD)
Until then if you get a cloak you don't want you can try the cloak remover options from Royal Bloodline or DrFring's.

> Longer wings
Nope. And here's why: Click!
As you can see, the wings are clipping through each other slightly. It would look really bad if they were twice as long. For floor-length wings to work you'd need a new animation and I have no clue about animations.

> Nude Version
Use the Vanilla Armour version with DrFrings Retexture.

> More wing membrane colours
May or may not actually happen. Does it look that bad with Dr.Frings retexture? I may make a white / light grey version later on. No promises though. And once again: You can already use the mod with any retexture. But it will keep my wing membrane texture.

> Glowing red eyes
It's on the "consider to do list" aswell.

> More armours
Like daedric or forsworn. Or skimpy versions. Well, that's a lot of work. May or may not happen.

>> Known Issues
For some people changing the Vampire Lord's appearance results in bugged bat / mist form. The armour and wings will not disappear correctly and can still be seen in the middle of the bat swarm when charging forward. Apparently for the users that get this bug it occurs with all mods changing the Vampire Lord, not only with mine.

>.< After creating the vanilla armour version I get the bug myself. With both mod versions. And now I'm second guessing myself: Was it really working before? Is it working for you? Let me know!

Any input on the matter is appreciated! Until I learn more about this bug I'm sorry if you are experiencing the issue. The minute someone finds a fix I will implement it!

>> Permissions
Please do not redistribute this file or any assets thereof.

>> Credits

Predator Vision by Gopher used for screenshots

-> for beeing awesome freeware

Bethesda for Skyrim and CK