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The main thing: I am RUSSIAN ( a very bad russian >:) ) so if u see any mistakes in my ENGLISH u have 2 options:
1) be POLITE and remain silent;
2) GO F*** Yourself, my little grammar nazi!

Q: Why i reuploaded mod?
A: Cause it was too much of followers, some of them were copy of each other in stats and had some little bugs (such as "black face"). Now its balanced and debugged followers. Meanwhile, if someone seeks older version - they all are in "Old" ure free to download and use them as u like
Q: Why i reuploaded Karen and Noir?
A: I fixed them from blackhead bug and make some lesser changes. I recommend everyone to reload newer versions of them

Now about the mod:
Pack of my female followers. All of them are Essentual and autolevel from 5 to 100 with player.
For male followers go here

Adriana female storm spellsword waits at Solitude' inn
her skills: destruction (storm) conjuration (raise undead) heavy armor 1handed
Asha female nord 2h warrior waits at Whiterun market
her skills: 2handed heavy armor archery
Hedra redguard female 1h warrior waits in White Hall in Dawnstar
her skills: 1handed (prefers dual may shield) heavy armor archery
Karen female imperial warrior waits in Dragonbridge' tavern
her skills: 1handed (may dual or shield) 2handed heavy armor light armor archery
Ksila female dunmer firemancer waits in Windhelm' inn
her skills: destruction (fire) conjuration (rising undead + fire atronach) 1handed
Noir female nord warrior waits in Riften' Mara' temple
Her skills: 1handed (may dual or shield) 2handed heavy armor light armor archery
Talara breton necromancer waits in Markart' inn
her skills: conjuration (rising undead + conjure frost atronach) destruction (frost) 1handed
Talia nord assasin waits in Morthal' inn
her skills: 1handed (dual) archery light armor
Yuki more one nord assasin waits in Winterhold' inn
her skills: 1handed (dual) archery light armor

Adriana - changed her class to mage
Noir - changed her class from using 1 handed to 2 handed weapons
Ksila - changed presence (see at the screenshots)
Talia - changed her from red hair to blond
Talara - changed her from necromancer to frost spellsword with changed her haircolor from gold blond to snowwhite hair + add her face tattoo (watch screenshot) - cause she uses frost magic
Yuki - changed hair (see at the screenshots)

Necessary: Apachii Hairs + Apachii Female Hairs

Ultimate Followers Overhaul (a.k.a. UFO)
SG Female Textures Renewal - best work for today
High Quality Eyes
On screens i used:
Coverwoman (better with neckfix) and Covereyes
Navetsea texures for UNP body
Mature skin texture and body for UNP

How to install - just drop both mod files this way: program files - steam - steamapps - common - skyrim - data

About permissions: everyone can make anything he or she wants but dont become bitchas - dont forget about credits and endorsment

Great Thanks to BravoOscar for his Guide
Thanks to Apachii dimon99 calyps xp32 mrtroublemaker mrLenski navetsea fLokii DragonAge7 Maevan2 Chris57 FavoredSoul Xenius hellosanta for their mods